Jul 25, 2011

Dynamic new buzz control, branding and recruitment solution for affiliate networks - Bevo media networks interface

Introduction of Bevo for networks - the Bevo media networks interface

The amount of money that some networks willing to spend on the popular shows are and peaks can be outrageous. Networks spend to recruit tens of thousands of dollars with the sponsorship of the parties and brand itself, without any guarantee member organisations, the partners remain or even. But for affiliate networks, branding and recruitment are essential and Bevo media has recently came in a new and innovative way for networks to obtain results for a fraction of the price.

The Bevo network platform is not a tracking platform as link trust, cake, DirectTrack Network. Rather, it is a free interface easily integrated with all major platforms and user-defined platforms, as well as. The purpose of the interface is to accelerate growth and your affiliate network with recruiting publishers, increasing branding efforts, mediation offers for all networking platforms (cake, link trust, Hitpath, Hasoffers, etc.), managing online reputation and search / exposing the black list of advertisers and affiliates for better manage.

Some characteristics of the Bevo media networks interface are:

· Import tools offer - Bevo partnered are networks able to broker deals between all major network tracking platforms (cake, Hitpath, link trust, DirectTrack etc.) with a simple click of a button. Never, it is this easy to get your products in the hands of affiliates and been to find offers for publishers.

· Buzz Control - networks are able to manage their online reputations by you receive e-Mails, if they are mentioned on various industry forums and social media. This network can view and respond to posts addressing concerns, to answer questions and be able to resist, towering.

· Recruit affiliates in the Bevo performance plug-in - need one subsidiary, the Bizopp e mails? No problem! Bevo partnered networks can browse the performance connector and are looking for specific publishing segments based on vertical markets, promoting enter and experience level. Bevo provides a way for networks request specific publishing segments and also the performance connector is updated with the latest active publishers on Bevo.

- Black lists - see what other networks through one have shared certain providers or Publisher and see if it's worth, the risk of doing business with them. Bevo networks share their stories of advertisers and publishers in a searchable database networks are easy to access information about people, what business could do it with.  Bevo essentially adds a network risk management efforts.

There are many more features around the core features. The Bevo network interface is the first of its kind in the Internet marketing industry. Never a management platform has help to efficiently run their businesses, networks have been.

Become a partner during the entire Bevo Media Exchange Network:

Not only is always a Bevo partnered networks full control to the Bevo networks interface type network, but networks are fully integrated Bevo media partner portal. The Bevo media partner portal a centralized State of the art interface is used by several thousand active partners, the values track, search, listings and more. Integrated with the Bevo media affiliate Portal means you partner their statistics, easily can follow to optimize their campaigns and campaign research have access to some of the Bevo premium apps.  Also with Bevo of the large user base, is a network of partners branding networks large exposure, and you put directly at they give some of the most powerful networks in the industry.

If you are a current or the employees, it is obvious that this something on all networks need to be. It is clear that the Bevo network interface is going to change the game. Affiliate networks have huge booths at the summits finally a viable option for the floor from forever extravagant about their business without the hassle of stands and sponsorship.

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The Bevo media networks interface

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