May 30, 2011

Affiliates - do this every day PLUS why should not stop you

Friday, May 13, 2011 at 11:11 pm by Linda Buquet

Our friends and customers to ShareResults such have great content, that we it parts whenever we can gladly. Here are their latest contributions for affiliate marketers.

New partner: make sure to do this for at least 30 minutes a day

Entering the world of affiliate marketing it can be hard for new information in the industry. That is why a reader set up, and set aside 30 minutes to an hour daily to read content can help. You benefit from more and more knowledge about affiliate marketing and learn new information, which should help your business. RSS readers are the ideal tool if your time is already in short supply.

Why should you not stop affiliate marketing

An affiliate and founding is a small affiliate marketing business is a great thing. Even in this economy? Yes, absolutely. You must not go the small business route alone, because there are many online resources to help guide you to a successful future and much super affiliates who this path before you. While is it always go to contradictory (and scary) are reports of unemployment rates, one thing is certain, affiliate marketing can only grow in popularity.

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Custom Web Design & Marketing Services

Professional mini site & graphic design. XsitePro, Wordpresss Design. Priced to sell, high commission, excellent support! Experience the power of repeat sales! Run your own graphic design shop today. Custom support for our affiliates.

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Viral Marketing Frenzy

70% Commission ($18 Per Sale). Learn Viral Marketing Secrets That Will Generate Massive Traffic To Your Site. Affiliates Tools To Promote The Site. Affiliate Tools Here: hp

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May 29, 2011

Ultimate Encyclopedia of Powerful Internet Marketing Methods

The quintessential guide to understanding Internet Marketing, mastering its psychology and achieving success using the right methods.

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Survival of the Wild West of affiliate marketing

This is a guest post by Finch, the author of the affiliate marketing blog Finch sold.

She could not appreciate the scale yet, but there an escalating battle for legitimacy in the world of affiliate marketing is. The discovery of enormous wealth in what we do, coupled with a complete disregard for how we it has received industry-wide Division. There are affiliates, and then there are cowboys.

Image by oldwestfestival

Both hunt the same release of a pixel, but with very different ways to achieve it. As you probably have read on this Web site, the FTC has the whip towards this Cowboys recently started cracking, which continue to break the rules.

I am sure that you have seen the reason why. False claims, overly aggressive unknown marketing, sponsorship. The list goes on and on. I could sit here and the rogue marketer that detract from these paths, but it would be hypocritical of me enormously. Especially when you consider that I received my first lucky break through sheer determination overcame the sense of ethical responsibility.

The problem comes from within.

It takes only a few minutes, a sales pitch, register domain, whip and - if you stumble very - lucky money online. There is no obstacle to the entry and the only rules are what accepts your own conscience as fair game.

Affiliates so many dreams of easy wealth are sold, and a click companies that only correspond to the pressure with FTC guidelines really understands to them if they had their first taste of success. And many other taste. Enough taste who actually decides the FTC interested in their methods.

Do you read blogs about advertising standards and ethical guidelines have been told to me, if you took your name with NULL Commission? You were of course not. You were a dream purchase. Read success stories that his stats do ability to Photoshop so much with success as the author had. And here lies the problem.

Most affiliates stop not simply to determine the rights and wrongs of their methods until she're making money. The FTC suits are certainly reluctant to chase Jimmy in his mother basement when he famous and notorious for getting 4 hits to his click weight loss site and an AdSense in the year 2007.

Once an affiliate to make money, the equation is often complicated by greed. "Now, I could backtrack and make happens, what my sales letter Legit… but if I lose my sales?"

Before you know it, the children, once good advertising practice on behalf of a few sketchy ClickBank sale Dodge are the masterminds behind campaigns that banks are thousands of dollars a day until someone has the balls to say is enough enough,. The complaint be lodged and only in this way, is another sore black eye from the industry of affiliate marketing as a whole pressed.

Personally, I think it is that by which a problem very gurus and experts (role to me eyes, how those who call) addressed the plant of the seeds of this great online dream in the first place. How many of the shoddy stop eBooks always passed Warrior Forum around the ethical responsibility mention, that we are required to onboard, before we to start our first campaigns?

If it is known as affiliate marketing backward cowboy are sold the whole dream, cousin of the advertising world, the new provider must change.

I have some stupid mistakes when I joined the industry. I pushed the limits of right and wrong so far, that I forgot about them completely and simply asked "what is profitable and what is not?"

Fortunately, I had to change my habits, enough ethical balance, before you are forced by any dispute. But let's be honest. Many of us are young, rich and stupid. This is a toxic combination that fully hard work this industry for every legitimate affiliate could destroy if better principles are taught by the guys, the to sell the dream of the future affiliates.

…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Finch is an entrepreneur from London, the regularly for writes
Sold Finch and Finch Blogs to help others achieve success. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… *Advertising disclosure policy*.

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May 28, 2011

Affiliates write a strong call to the Act such as the Easter Bunny

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 11: 36 am by Linda Buquet

A great post Easter post, with some good lessons for dealers and partners, our friends/customers on at ShareResults.

"Kiss & hug me now!" (Example of a strong call to action!);-)

Write strong calls to action such as the Easter Bunny

Each Easter, to organize my hubby and I a little Easter egg hunt for children. It is really a scavenger hunt with witty remarks on what we hope is a six and four year-old on toned. As a writer, I am always in the clue-writing been. This year can read my six-year so it is a bit more exciting. At the same time, it is also quite difficult point with leading the action, I would like to come.

The whole experience have me thinking of writing strong calls to action, and how important they are affiliate marketing. Here are some of the basics of CTAs for affiliates and dealers, which reminded me of this year the Easter Bunny.

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The Alchemy of Peace and Love

resize The Alchemy of Peace and Love The Alchemy of Peace and Love By Sandi Anders & David Yarian

A good night’s sleep is what any individual always wants to have after a busy and tired working day. But, a good sleep isn’t possible until a person’s mind is stress free and relaxed. Therefore, a team of two i.e. a stress management specialist, Sandi Anders, and Psychologist, David Yarian, has brought together their expertise and launched a new product named The Alchemy of Peace & Love.

The Alchemy of Peace & Love is a complete stress relief course and a self help program. There are two audio CDs from two different authors; apparently, one from each author. Both the CDs are primarily based on relaxation and stress management that makes you refreshed and rejuvenated every time you listen to the authors.

What Do the CDs Offer?

Disc 1

The members of Alchemy of Peace and Love will get to know the complete process that brings awareness and relaxation to every part of the body. It’s a 26 minute body scan relaxation, that’s followed by a 20 minute meditative song for state of deep relaxation.

Disc 2

The second disc contains techniques and methods for relaxation, and to build self-esteem and self-acceptance. The methods used in this program are written by Sandi Anders after years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, and her extensive knowledge on how to control breath and maintain a healthy body.

This CD has 26 minute of explanation on meditation followed by 22 minute of restful music. In fact, the material in the CD is designed to assist the people find their innermost self, and self-acceptance.

Benefits of the Alchemy of Peace & Love

The biggest thing in the world is peace of mind and love of family and friends. Everything comes next. The benefit of the product is to help people find peace of mind which they always want to receive after a day’s long work, or after performing any tedious task.

So, Alchemy of Peace & Love is meant to give deep relaxation, unlock the body’s healing forces, make a person calmer, more capable of facing challenges, and to help in overcoming fears and anxiety. Last but not the least; an individual learns what self help is.

The Alchemy of Peace and Mind Scam?

The product is written and authored by a stress management specialist, and a Psychologist who have been helping people for years now. They helped many people get rid of their fears of failure and taught them the techniques to relax and just get over anything that stops them from achieving peace of mind and love. It’s not a scam!

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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How to Manifest Wealth

how to manifest wealth teleclass How to Manifest Wealth How to Manifest Wealth By Rebecca Armstrong

How to Manifest Wealth is a wealth management program from Rebecca Armstrong. It teaches people how to manage wealth, free themselves from debt, maintain relationships, attain financial success, and of course manifest incredible health. And, in order to handle all the said issues, one has to be prepared mentally and physically.

The author Rebecca Armstrong trains people in a way that they solve their issues themselves without anyone’s help i.e. self help. Through her training programs, she offers to solve the problem of people who experience struggle and pain in their day-to-day life.

Reasons to Believe in How to Manifest Wealth

The writer of the program has been helping people to get rid of their financial troubles and health issues for over 6 years now.The tools and methods taught by her in the programs have healed the mind and body in a way that people gained the health they always wanted, and make money.People have learnt the art of living their life soon after they got access to the courses she offered being a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist.

What are Benefits of How to Manifest Wealth?

Learn to use the power of mind. Most people doubt the ability a human mind holds. They don’t believe that they too can achieve what others did. So, the first benefit one can derive from this product is that they get to learn and understand the power of mind.Methods to utilize the tools and techniques that help people earn limitless wealth throughout their life. Plus, you can become a self manifesting expert.All the customers’ queries will be answered online for free. You can get all the feedback and information on the way you make use of the tools mentioned in the product. This is convenient compared to the $200 fee which you will have to shell out if you go the office of Rebecca Armstrong.Learn the unique system to manifest wealth for which people spent their lifetime.How to get rid of the obstacles and constraints that come your way is one important thing individuals will learn from How to Manifest Wealth.

How to Manifest Wealth Scam?

How to Manifest Wealth is a unique self help program from an expert in the self-help product industry. The program has some quality content that can help people and solve their core problems of life. It’s is not a scam.

Verdict – Not a Scam!

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May 27, 2011

Explosive Network Marketing

Discover how to succeed at network marketing and how you can achieve network marketing success by exploding your network marketing business just like top network marketers.

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Seven Days Flat

7daysflat logo Seven Days Flat Seven Days Flat

Sometimes, we face big problems which seem to be hard to solve. Today, we are going to learn how to change our lives in just 7 days by following some simple seven-step action plans which could help us have a better future. Seven Days Flat is an online service which provides simple solutions to challenging problems. Let’s now get a closer look at what exactly it is and how it helps us to overcome the obstacles we may face in life.

Seven Days Flat

Seven Days Flat is a home-study downloadable course comprised of 6 products which are designed to help people get their lives back on track and put their problems behind them. Each product has seven steps you should take in order to solve a specific problem which you might face in life. With this package, you can get results faster by sticking to simple, step-by-step action plans which come with seven professional video modules for each product.

1 – How to Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat

This is the first product which outlines a proven strategy that is going to help people avoid bankruptcy. What you can expect to get from this product is the following:-

A simple seven-day action plan that beats bankruptcy and demolishes all your debts.A powerful series of seven video action guides that show each step you should take to solve your financial problems easily and quickly.A master-plan and workbook that shows a full explanation of each step, providing further information, tips, advice and resources you might need to get good results.A quality video showing an interview with a specialist in eliminating debts and credits. Inside this video, you are going to learn how to decimate your payments and thus demolish your debts by using some simple techniques and tips.

2 – How to Save Your Home from Foreclosure in Seven Days Flat

If you are worried about losing your home, this product assists you find the right ways to avoid foreclosure by rescuing your home as the following:-

Tackling foreclosure by implementing a proven action plan which requires you to take 7 steps in 7 days.A video tells everything you need to know in order to solve your problems fast.Gaining more information about each step you should take to get your financial and personal life back on track. This info is available through a step-by-step workbook.Learning how to stop foreclosure by using special tricks and techniques told by a financial expert.

3 – How to Get Your Ex-Back in Seven Days Flat

Inside this course, you will learn how to save relationships with whom you love. If there is a thin thread linked between you and your loved one, you can keep your relationship strong by the following:-

A complete seven-day action plan which solves your relationship problems once they happen.Seven tutorial videos that guide you to the right way to solve your personal problems.Each step you should take is widely explained through a corresponding workbook.Plus, an interview with a specialist showing how to repair a broken relationship.

4 – How to Quit Smoking in Seven Days Flat

Smoking becomes one of the serious problems for most people. Now, you can give it up and stop smoking forever. To stop burning your life, the course provides you with the following materials:-

A seven-day action plan which enables you to stop the habit of smoking.Through this proven strategy, you can learn how to solve this problem through a series of seven video guides.And with a great workbook, you can see how to take each step to get results at the end of this route.Quitting smoking requires some tricks and techniques which are shown by an expert telling you what the smoker needs and how to become a successful quitter.

5 – How to Find a Home-Based Job in Seven Days Flat

Some people get tired of their day jobs. That’s where this course comes from. If you want to learn how to make thousands of dollars a day from your Internet marketing business, this course shows the exact profitable fields that can generate you six-figure income in a short time frame. This product is an invitation to work from home by getting the ticket to freedom. In addition, it shows you what top affiliate marketers use to succeed online.

6 – How to Lose 10 Pounds in Seven Days Flat

Another problem could face people is the increasing in weight. Because a lot of people are struggling to lose unwanted pounds, a lot of self-help products come to provide people with the right methods to lose weight the right way. People might die early because of fatal diseases could happen from overweight. That’s why “How to Lose 10 Pounds” comes in order to provide you with the necessary workbook, cool videos and the action weight loss plan.

More about Seven Days Flat

As you can see, this integrated course comprises of 6 products; each one includes seven-day action plan which outlines 7 steps you should take to solve any problem by watching seven professional video modules.

Besides, you will gain access to some cool workbooks, process maps and other materials needed to get you good results in record time. Each product offers a home-study course which makes it easy for you to find the route of success quickly.

Seven Days Flat Scam?

Honestly, Seven Days Flat is something that we didn’t access before so that it’s quite difficult for us to say whether it is a scam or not. If you are willing to change your life and make it better, then you might need to check this out; however there is no guarantee that this isn’t a scam!

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May 26, 2011

Love Your Life Summit

logo1 Love Your Life Summit Love Your Life Summit By Manny Goldman & Marci Shimoff

Love Your Life Summit is the brainchild of Manny Goldman and Marci Shimoff who have great passionate about life. They wanted to show people how women can create measureable change in this life, so that the authors was keen to tell people most women’s intimate secrets in health, career success, relationships, self-care and others. And this review is going to get you a closer look at what’s inside this event and how to benefit from it.

Love Your Life Summit

In a nutshell, Love Your Life Summit is a unique, comprehensive 10-day summit in the self-help market dedicated to resolving personal frustrations. Inside this guide, you can learn how to make a good mixture between love and life. You will also learn how to get more free time not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. With Love Your Life Summit, you can expect the following:-

More than 20 success stories telling by the most celebrated female experts. That is, you will receive intimate video conversations between Merci and some successful women who are experts in the fields of women’s health, weight loss, work, relationships, spirituality, etc.Some effective life lessons that no one tells. These lessons are only for women to create more positive changes in their lives for achieving more success in love, relationships, business, etc.You will learn so many things about life such as: how to overcome your greatest frustrations, how a powerful sense of limitless love can affect your body and soul, how to get more spare time to enjoy the life, and so on.

Can You Rely on Love Your Life Summit?

With Love Your Life Summit, you will gain the access to a 10-day action plan which is a step-by-step process that can be used to love your life, showing the right ways that work best for any woman’s brain or a woman’s schedule. The best part in this summit is that it provides you with tools that meet your unique needs.

Love Your Life Summit Scam?

It’s quite difficult to say whether this product is a scam or not since it’s all about life which varies from person to person. All we can say that if you need to a self-help product helping you enjoy your life with more free time for you and your family or friends, you might need to check this out. The product is not a scam!

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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How To Be An Expert Persuader

persuasioncover 2 210x300 How To Be An Expert Persuader How to Be an Expert Persuader By Michael Lee

How To Be an Expert Persuader is an ideal book from Michael Lee that helps people discover the powerful secrets to change the behavior and thinking. With all the tested and proven techniques listed out by the author, it educates an individual how to understand others and their behavioral patterns. Apparently, the course is about persuading and identifying the likes and dislikes of people so that you can easily get along with them.

This masterpiece from Lee isn’t any other sales or online marketing book available on the Internet. It is a complete self help book that gives the art of persuasions a new approach. People get to learn the specific secret tactics and techniques they can implement to influence others to either convince them in a dialogue or to get the work done.

What is How to Be an Expert Persuader About?

How To Be an Expert Persuader is all about the persuasion. The purpose of this book is to help people rebuild their mindset, develop a new approach to life, and move ahead with a positive mindset to achieve whatever one aspires to achieve. It has some tips to assist individual reach their goals.

Be nice and friendly to the people around you.Focus on what others need and enter their worldBe Consistent and always stick to the wordExplain the ideas or give suggestions with relevant examples and proofsGive an idea of what the result of a particular action could be.Use the word ‘because’ as it is a sign of maturity and credibilitySatisfy the needs and wants.

The Good Things – How to Be an Expert Persuader

How to Be an Expert Persuader is a self help book like How to Manifest Wealth, and Rapid Transformation, but this book puts light on other aspects of persuasion.

The writing style of Michael Lee is really simple and his expertise in persuasion clearly shines in his work.The methods discussed by Lee in this book are easy and can be followed every single day.Examples used in the book make understanding the whole concept of persuasion and self help really trouble-free.Apparently, it is a step-by-step guide on persuasion for everyone irrespective of the age and gender.

How to be An Expert Persuader Scam?

Michael Lee is not any other author who writes on self help only for a personal benefit. In fact, every single thing technique mentioned in the book is tested and proven which makes it one of the finest books for learning persuasion. It’s not a scam.

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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151689622 300x69 NicheReaper NicheReaper By Matt Garrett and Gary Prendergast

Are you struggling to earn money via niche marketing? If yes, then this can be a good opportunity to earn money. Yes, that’s right! NicheReaper, creation of Matt Garrett was recently launched on May 17th, 2011 and the software tool helps in finding the most profitable keywords/niches on the Internet.  Let’s learn more about it…

What Exactly Is NicheReaper?

NicheReaper is a software program Matt created in partnership with a pro developer, Gary Prendergast. The purpose of this tool is basically to allow aspiring niche marketers unearth the niches that could assist them in establishing a profitable online business. The main punch of the software is that – it gives out profitable niches along with a list of targeted niches.

Who Is NicheReaper For?

Well, honestly NicheReaper is for everybody who intends to earn money via niche marketing. Even though there are reports that suggest, it is not as good as other similar products, the fact that it was being promoted by a couple of big players in the market proves that it is quite a good product. Therefore, if you’re a newbie or an advanced marketer, I would recommend you to check out what it has to offer and how powerful it is. I am sure, it’s worth-checking out.

Crucial Elements of NicheReaper

Note that, NicheReaper is a software and it definitely contains some key skills and methods that work effectively. One element is the Color flags that allow you to understand the difficulty level of the keywords and niches. When you start using the tool, it becomes easier to research on such and pick-out the keywords.

Another important aspect is the SEO analysis, which allows people to understand the SEO competence of the phrases. I mean, it just shows whether the keywords would be helpful or not when it comes to search engine optimization. Plus, there is a section for traffic estimation and the value for the traffic too. This helps further in selecting the keywords according to their worth.

NicheReaper Scam?

Niche Reaper and scam? Nope, I don’t think so because NicheReaper has been created by a well-known webmaster, Matt Garrett and his name is enough to prove its legitimacy.  But still, if you want to be sure of whether it’s a scam or fraud, then you might want to do your own research. From our research and analysis we didn’t find it to be a scam. You can check it out if you’re struggling to locate profitable products on the web.

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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May 25, 2011

Affiliates - local is hot! Income from local shopping with LuckyLocal

Partnership with LuckyLocal (via CommissionLocal) and take advantage of local shopping with an affiliate model that makes sense!

Google, eBay, GroupOn , and other large Internet companies grab a piece of the local Internet marketing pie. Savvy affiliates looking for new sources of revenue can now from the local to earn!

Feature MAJOR brand name merchants from TOP affiliate networks on the cool tools and simple integration options LuckyLocal provides. You can be familiar with datafeed tools as a Popshops and Goldencan or APIs of networks like CJ, partner, with which you can integrate merchant products in your website. LuckyLocal is similar, except it offers local product feeds PLUS it is free to use and you keep 100% of your hard earned Commission.

LuckyLocal affiliate benefits:

.:. Even if consumers buy OFFLINE but online shop paid!

.:. You keep 100% of CPS, CPA and CPC Commission

.:. New sources of revenue partners can earn money, whether the consumer buys online or in-store of CPA (affiliate networks) or CPC (no purchase is necessary (Earn CPC Shopzilla even if the buyer in-store purchases.)

.:. CJaffiliate networks supported , Shareasale, Google affiliate network, LinkShare PLUS Shopzilla for CPC revenue (earn per click)

.:. Local product selection - 2.6 million products from 45,000 local shops

See how it works: join now!

.:. Wide array of affiliate-creative - turn-key local shopping, local shopping widgets, banner templates, data feeds and deep Web Services integration via APIs (integrated local search results on affiliate's Web site)

.:. Datafeed or API allows you to filter: CPA or CPC, local pick-up vs. shipping, product categories, for stock for each store or retail Center site

.:. Adds sticky functionality to your affiliate website. Affiliates can help their visitors find and research stores products that are in stock now at local

.:. Features include local price comparison engine from different retailers, geo targeted for consumers

Visit the affiliate portal for LuckyLocal, now!

CommissionLocal is the affiliate portal for LuckyLocal and affiliates have functionality local shopping similar to such as on their website about a variety of options, including simple banner, to easily integrate local shopping widgets, advanced API raw data in JSON/XML-format and websites templates allows.

Call to all bloggers!
Add a local shopping widgets and earn you today!

shopping widgetsDo you want widgets? We have widgets! Local product search box widgets, individual product of widgets, multimedia product carousel of widgets. Do you have a MOM blog, gardening blog, or a sports blog? Get your niche local shopping widgets here!

Local is HOT! -Benefit from local shopping
Set & forget it easy - keep 100% Commission


You want your products to LuckyLocaldealers contact Linda.

City directories, local news sites - please consult contact Linda for a free to do so as you integrate into your website, your local traffic monetize this exciting technology.

Advertising and disclosure policy*.

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FTC busts fake news sites - Acai affiliate sued - popular affiliate network may assets frozen

Promote shady CPA offers, which are consumers, included to fake testimonials or wrong products trying to make a sale, you could be sued personally. But not only that, the network that you promote could assets frozen and may pay to you all your commissions.

In has anti-corporate brought yet another case, the unethical CPA affiliates, the FTC, which use fake news sites, to promote products such as Acai. One of the companies is suing a popular affiliate network who know most affiliates. Note: If you are using this network, you can not pay because the FTC tries to freeze their assets. (History and links below.)

But 1st I wanted to point out that it not only the networks that will get busted, but are affiliates also. The Attorney General of Chicago sued only directly an affiliate marketer in the context of this FTC succeed.

Chicago Attorney General CU AFFILIATE for Acai scams

Chicago - Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued diet today a Chicago area man for marketing purposes fraudulent acai berry systems online, as part of a national police raid with the Federal Trade Commission against affiliate marketers, consumers to buy weight loss products by false news sites con.

The FTC had just a press conference here is the current press release.

FTC seeks 10 operators to stop fake news sites, misleading claims about acai berry weight loss products

The FTC complaints claim that typical fake news sites title such as "News 6 news alerts," have "Health news health warnings" or "health 5 beat health news." The sites are news, CBS, CNN often the names and logos of big media - such as ABC, Fox, United States today and consumer reports - and falsely represent convey that has seen the reports of the sites on these networks. An investigative sounding headline on one such site announced "acai berry diet exposed: miracle diet or scam?" The Sub reads, "as part of a new series: ' diet trends: a look at America's top diets we examine consumer tips for dieting during a recession." Have the article following purports to document, a reporter who experience complemented by acai berry - usually claiming, lost 25 pounds in four weeks.

"Almost everything about this sites forged,", said David Vladeck, Director of the FTC's consumer protection Bureau. "The weight loss results, the so-called investigations, the reporter, consumer recommendations and the attempt to represent an objective, journalistic endeavor."

The following companies have been called the FTC complaints:

Interbank market of Communications Inc. DBA COPEAC and IMM interactive
-Beony International LLC, Ambervine Marketing LLC and Encastle Inc.
-TL advertising; About direct LLC; Coulomb media, Inc.; DLXM, LLC; run exposé, Inc., and Uptown media, Inc.

The only name I recognize is interbank market media AKA COPEAC, a well known affiliate network.

According to the FTC press release on "the FTC seeks to permanently stop this misleading practice and asked courts to freeze the operations of assets pending trial." So I ask me, if she owed affiliate commissions pay can???

As I always say "Market with integrity and each WINS!" If you are marketing gets spammy, scammy offers and merchant broken and not pay you, then you've got what you deserve. Not only that, but you could be in trouble you get. It is simply not worth it!

Advertising and disclosure policy*.

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May 24, 2011

Internet Marketing & Webmaster Tools

Webmaster & marketing tools, scripts, and more (Affiliates: Go to and click "Linking Instructions" under Option 3 to get affiliate links to our products

Check it out!

The Code of Success

2025 203x300 The Code of Success The Code of Success By Noah St John

The Code of Success is an interesting online course designed to help people attain more success with the help of changing any failure into success. It also discusses a lot of necessary things such as qualification, education, surrounding environment, profession, irrespective of your age and so on. This code shows how these elements affect your success and how to make use of them in order to achieve more success. Let’s now figure out what this code is all about and its package!

What Is The Code of Success?

The Code of Success is a complete package to deliver total transformation of life, personality and future. The code is based on different subjects like the concentration of mind, energies to achieve your targets easily, phenomenal philosophy of performance, successful practices of psychology, natural laws of science, etc.

This code reveals one of the proven formulas to transform anything into success, using a step-by-step system that comes with:

The tools to succeed in any field by clarifying what it takes to be the person you want to be.Case studies of highly successful persons. These studies show how to achieve success without getting worried about academic qualification, family background, professional skills, regional background, and the like. They are all depending on your talent.Four necessary factors to make an ultimate success which are: Mental Status of Success, Inspiration to fan, Motivation to retain, and Actions to materialize.The most important things that affect retaining a mental status of success.The Dfactor Mechanism which works for your desired targets by changing our old habits of mediocrity, failure and our previous instincts.

The Code of Success Package

Besides the case studies and other factors explained through this code, users will gain the access to the following:-

Simple text lessons showing what TCOS is all about and how to benefit from using it.Flash quizzes clarifying the concept of understanding and learning the success factors through interesting games.The exact mental activities based on attention, concentration and energies which allow you achieve your goals easily without the need of any physical effort.The affirmations explained with some tools which you can use to get you rid of your old habitual actions that were the reason to build mediocrity and failure. In this section, you will receive some suggestions which are strong enough to have a strongly focused mind.Audio lessons which are very simple to understand, showing you the right ways to success.

The Code of Success – For You?

It’s said that the Code of Success is the course that can create miracles. Using this code can achieve you the success in any field by providing you with desirable energies, habits and actions which lead to definite success.

The Code of Success Scam?

If you don’t believe in results you may get from listening to this course’s lessons, you can test it yourself for free. And, if you are willing to spend your time on learning how to train your mind to setup an achievers mental status, then you might need to check the Code of Success out. All in all, the course is not a scam!

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May 23, 2011

PLR Niche Formula

plrnicheformul 300x224 PLR Niche Formula PLR Niche Formula By Mark Dulisse

PLR Niche Formula by Mark Dulisse is not a PLR training course itself; but it’s a complete training study which shows how to make use of PLR products. Many people know what PLR products are, but not all of them know how to benefit from them. And, in this review about Mark’s study, we’re going to learn more about what exactly it is and how to make money with PLR, so don’t miss reading about it.

PLR Niche Formula

PLR Niche Formula is all about the necessary information on how to create and sell your own products via Clickbank in a few days. It helps you use great ways that can perhaps get your products on top selling list in Clickbank. With PLR Niche Formula, Mark gives you everything you need not only to create your products, but also to sell them the right way.

The package consists of five different modules which come with several tools, secrets and methods on how to make lots of money in different PLR products in several niches. Here is a quick review about the modules Mark gives:

Module 1 tells you everything you need to know about making money with PLR, Clickbank and product creation. It’s an introduction to niche marketing and PLR products.Top 5 methods of using PLR is the second module which shows Mark’s secret tactics to convert any PLR product into huge profits.Then, module three comes with some case studies showing the exact process Mark used to profit from PLR business.Module four is very long explaining PLR transformation, how to create a mini site, video squeeze pages, and so on.Free traffic generation tactics and list building techniques are explained in the last module; which are necessary to any online business.

What about PLR Niche Formula Tools?

In fact, Mark promises his people to show them some high quality tools and resources which can help them get started with PLR products, site creation, traffic generation, and most importantly the right ways to profit.

PLR Niche Formula Scam?

As you can see, the package Mark releases is something unique and fabulous since it provides you with the best tools you can use to generate income online. If you intent to learn how to create and sell your own products plus profiting, you might need to check PLR Niche Formula right now. It’s totally not a scam!

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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Niche Marketing - The Chan Do Internet Success System

The A to Z internet marketing home course for niche marketing- promote only one product & earn commission from 4 upsells & back-end recurring membership income! Affiliate tools included. Top gurus have promoted, register free -

Check it out!

May 22, 2011

Gambling affiliate sting FBI warning includes 4 largest online poker sites

I have long warned affiliates to stay away from gambling, RX and other risky affiliate programs that are, or could, be examined in the future Government.

On Friday the FBI seized and close the Web sites for pokerstars, full tilt poker and absolute poker sites, 4 of the largest online poker sites. The charges were reportedly bank fraud, money laundering and illegal gambling offense. Supposedly, not even customers can get their money due to the fact that the sites be shut down.

I think all of these companies had affiliate programs. They owe any of you money? I am curious to know if they should pay in able, affiliates, they money after the heavy fines. I suppose, have also frozen their bank accounts and other assets.

FBI seized online poker sites; Customer deposits on Lockdown.

The end result? Sites are shuttering 76 bank accounts in 14 countries have. The parties are facing fines fines of up to $3 billion in money laundering. On top of that, all the defendants up to 5 years are confronted, and in some cases up to 30 years in prison as the maximum sentences for their alleged crimes.

I'm curious whether the company s mail to affiliates to the situation have sent. You hear anything affiliate, she write in the comments.

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The Disability Digest

logo 300x72 The Disability Digest The Disability Digest By Brian Therrien

The Disability Digest by Brian Therrien is a free online resource designed for those who are in need of disability benefits. This source offers so much information on disability income and disabilities, as well as members can gain access to highly effective secrets that answer all their disability questions. In this review about the system, we’re going to learn more about what exactly it is and what it offers.

More about the Disability Digest

The Disability Digest is a free membership site that is dedicated to resolving any disability problem. It’s all about everything one may need to know about social security disability – all in one place. Brian was interested in helping people who are suffering from the disability as the following:-

Increasing their chances of being approved of disability by providing members free and complete information, tips and advice.Gaining access to social security disability (SSD) or disability benefits.Showing them how to make more income from different jobs; for instance web marketing businesses.Telling some solutions for their housing problems.Clarifying some treatment options for different diseases so that disabled individuals will be taught how to treat themselves and the best options available which allow them to choose what suits their cases and budgets.Demonstrating the important of communications and how to benefit from learning from others.Besides, members will get unlimited financial assistance, legal aid and ongoing support which provide help anytime they need.And more and more benefits…

How to Benefit with the Disability Digest?

This system is designed especially for those who need help to overcome their disability problems. That is, it comes with more 24 detailed sections showing some important information and the up-to-date facts which are all about disability. In addition, there is a cool feature that members can get for free which sets out some essential free resources to help them cope with their disabilities.

The Disability Digest – For You?

If you are searching for solutions to all your disability problems, this system offers you what exactly you might need to solve all your personal and financial difficulties. Brian promises his people that they can find all the disability answers in one place from a trusted source. It’s expected that having this system can give you the peace of mind that can successfully solve any problem you may face in life.

This self-help site can also help members get back to their work, start a new business, find affordable housing, maximize their benefits in different aspects of life. This source may not be only for those disabled folks only, but also for those who need any advice in life.

The Disability Digest Scam?

It’s obvious that there are hundreds of web pages which provide you with some disability answers. But, what makes the Disability Digest different is the quality of information and tips Brian gives out through different great sections. And when it comes to judge whether this system is a scam or not, we will say it frankly that this course is definitely not a scam since Brian was keen to help others for free. Therefore, the whole system is totally free which gives you the freedom to make up your mind and decide whether to sign up for this free disability digest newsletter or look for another resource.

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May 21, 2011

Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat

beatbankruptcy products 150x150 Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat How to Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat

Some people are looking for the best ways to change their lives in a short time frame. Today, we are going to learn more about a product which aims to solve your financial problems in just seven days. This product is called “How to Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat”. Inside this course, you can get right solutions for your problems by following a simple seven step plan. Let’s now get a deep look at what is inside this system and how to benefit from it.

What Exactly Is Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat?

In a nutshell, How to Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat is a proven, simple strategy which comes with step-by-step action plan showing you each step that must be taken in order to solve your financial problems and thus get you rid of all your debts. This system is the gate to your freedom route where there is no debt or loan anymore.

This highly-converting product is designed for people who are in need of financial freedom without resorting to bankruptcy to solve their home foreclosure problems. Inside this system, users can get the following:-

A proven, step-by-step formula which makes it easy for users to keep themselves away from financial disasters.Besides, users will have the ability to access a powerful series of exclusive action video guides which show each step in detail.And to make this system work best for you, there are other comprehensive supporting materials such as a clear masterplan and workbook that provide users with more information about the seven steps they should take to beat bankruptcy in only seven days.An exclusive video shows an interview with one of the best experts in getting creditors off back and put all of your worries about bankruptcy behind you. Inside this video, you will learn some tips and techniques used to change your life for better.

Lessons inside Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat

Because the course is designed to help debtors to pay off all their overwhelmed debts, users will get some priceless information on how to get their financial freedom through:

Learning from others’ mistakes which can make financial problems much worse.Knowing your rights so that you can stop any harassing calls from your creditors.Finding out how to cut your credits before paying off your debts.Giving you the best sources to make more cash in order to be able to get rid of your debts as soon as possible.Implementing some clever ways to force government to give you free money.

Besides, you will learn how to get your freedom by using more powerful secrets, tricks and ways to beat bankruptcy and fight the increasing in debts. These secrets are shown as:-

One perfect way to reduce your monthly payments and thus schedule them the right way.20 simple secrets on how to make money from nothing.The tricks of turning your biggest problems into a massive income.The tips on delaying your payments for months so that it enables you to manage your debts the way you can get rid of them in record time.Some lessons on making use of debt consolidation and avoiding its bad sides.

Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat Scam?

If you want to put yourself and your family in the save side, then you might need to know how to stop accumulating your credits and get rid of all your debts in a short time frame without returning back to this bad habit again. It’s easy to get such info and tricks from the Internet. But if you need to get all tricks and secrets on beating bankruptcy from one place, How to Beat Bankruptcy in Seven Days Flat is good for you. This product is not a scam!

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