Apr 29, 2011

Huge affiliate competition: the Special Agent adventure begins at RevenueWire!

One of our most creative 5 star affiliate programs has the hottest competition go now. Check out RevenueWire's annual special agent competition! Here is what it is and how it works: three incredible real special agent adventures are prizes to win.

Jet fight. Shark diving. Halo jump.
Only one can win. The best part is to decide which one!

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The Special Agent adventure begins with the first prize package license to thrill. We have put together a comic strip, to help you, how fun is this adventure an idea. Can the first license to THRILL comic-strip Panel here.

Forget not, again each day on The main comic book page come to see what happens next in this exciting adventure!

All our partners are eligible to win. And when the time comes, you will be the chance to vote for the adventure, you want to win...

So that you can decide, are we the next 6 weeks take fat L elbow to present these 3 amazing adventure packages with our own bare knuckles, 10 gallons of graphic design, 300 hundred pound heavyweight encoding, and a dozen slices classic comic illustration mixed with fresh cuts vicious narrative skill.

We promise, be impartial. We promise you the best from each of the 3 awards show. Equal representation, unaffected. However, we can promise that it will be easy to decide!

First up in the adventure story queue-THRILL license to. We have this spine tingling jet fighter built up adventure in the real old-school comic book style. We think it you going to be a better idea of how really awesome license to THRILL.

That's right. Starting today for the next 9 days we will show a riveting Panel at the same time the action of license to thrill .

You know, only to thicken to enhance the action and the roof inch or two.

Image somewhere, car chases, LA nightclubs & fighter jet dogfights. Try it. You never know. It can be life will give you a taste of special agent. A taste of the way to the searches; ).

Ernst. Make sure that you never miss you not.

Can you the first Panel of the license to THRILL comics here. Check back every day, to see The most important comic book page , next what!


Visit the most important comic strip side now!

Visit for more competition and adventure information the special AGENT CONTEST page.

Good luck to our next elite special agent!

With kind regards,

-The RevenueWire team

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Traffic Torrent

traffictorrentlayout1 300x175 Traffic Torrent Traffic Torrent

Traffic Torrent is a newly web marketing program that’s all about new cutting edge traffic generation tactics. In fact, lots of people know how it’s amazing to make money with Internet marketing. But some do not know the right way to do that. Till now, people get afraid of buying products that are not found in the first page of Google. This is the main problem that faces lots of beginners. Traffic Torrent is the way to go if you want to make difference to your online business success.

Traffic Torrent

Traffic Torrent is considered to be an excellent converter that allows users to drive more targeted traffic to their online business, and thus generate more sales and profits using the power of Clickbank. In a nutshell, Traffic Torrent is all about unusual methods of traffic generation, cutting-edge traffic strategies as well. With Traffic Torrent, you will get three main parts which are important to generateyou real website traffic .

2 Traffic Torrent E-books which outline a wide range of free traffic generation strategies, tips, tricks, tools and systems. It’s also called the Traffic Torrent Manuals.The Traffic Torrent Resource Manual that includes every free and paid traffic resources. Many of these resources are still unconcealed. In this part, users are going to be well-informed with different website directories which top Internet marketers use to drive more traffic, leads, and thus generate more sales and profits. In addition, there are some successful creating strategies included in this section.8 Professional Traffic Torrent Video Series which educate users and rich them with information needed to use Traffic Torrent the right way to make tons of money online. These tutorial videos are going to show you the easiest ways to drive traffic, focusing on article marketing, search engine optimization techniques, social media networks, blogs, forums, and the like.

Can You Rely on Traffic Torrent?

Although it’s unknown product to buy, it has wonderful stuff that is worth your consideration. Add, this product comes with some priceless bonuses that match your wishes of learning everything about online marketing, blogs, Clickbank, and the more.

Traffic Torrent Scam?

Honestly, Traffic Torrent is surely an unknown product which means there is a risk of buying it since a lot of people do know much more info about it. In fact, we neither know a thing about the creator. Thus, it’s very difficult for us to evaluate such an unknown product. All we can say here is that it’s all yours to give it a try. If you really need to get familiar with new cutting edge traffic strategies, then Traffic Torrent is the answer. But we still do not know whether this product is a scam or not!

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Apr 28, 2011

Targeting long tail keywords in your affiliate SEO campaigns

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This is a guest post by Dee Barizo of The Best Degrees

In affiliate marketing, you can leverage long tail keywords in your SEO strategy and greatly increase traffic and sales. In this article, I’ll define the term long tail keyword, the benefits of focusing on these keywords and how to target them.

What is a long tail keyword?

Long tail keyword is an SEO term based on Chris Anderson’s book The Long Tail. In this book, he described two different distribution models for businesses, blockbuster and long tail. The blockbuster model is one that most people are already familiar with and naturally inclined to mimic. In this model, a company derives most of its sales from a few products.

The blockbuster model was necessary due to the distribution and inventory costs associated with having many different products. Each additional product added a significant cost to have it on the shelf and distribute it, so businesses were attracted to smaller product lines. They pumped their resources into developing a few bestsellers instead of greatly expanding their product line.

Think of a movie studio that only creates a few movies a year but spends a lot of money on each movie in hopes that it will become a huge hit. In this example, movie studios don’t have to worry about shelf space but they are limited in distribution channels (number of movie theaters and showings per theater).

But recently, the development of the online marketplace and the mainstream acceptance of online shopping has made it possible to offer a truly vast array of products at minimal cost. Online businesses do not need to worry about shelf space. They can store their products at low cost locations since they are not bound to a local marketplace. Also, the online marketplace is global, so the supply of potential customers is exponentially larger than before. This allows an online business to profitably stock many low demand products.

Companies like Amazon and Netflix have been successful at selling a large number of relatively obscure products in low volumes as opposed to a few products in high volumes. The total sales of these niche products was dubbed the long tail by Anderson because of the appearance of the sales volume on the sales chart. Here is the chart he used.

The SEO community uses the term to define the keywords that don’t have much traffic. These keywords usually contain four words or more such as real estate el paso texas low mortgage. In aggregate, they comprise of much of the daily search volume. Conversely, the blockbuster keywords like credit cards and real estate are called short tail keywords.

Long Tail Keywords are Better Than Short Tail Keywords

Savvy affiliate marketers are targeting long tail keywords (LTKs) over short tail keywords (STKs) for various reasons. Here are some of the main ones.

There is less competition for LTKs, so they are easier to rank for. STKs have more competition for four reasons.

1. STKs draw many webmasters and site owners because intuitively they know those keywords have more traffic than LTKs.
2. LTKs by nature are more obscure than STKs.
3. Most web publishers are not knowledgable enough in SEO to understand the value of LTKs. Even if they learn more about SEO, they may start using keyword tools but the popular keyword tools tend to showcase STKs over LTKs.
4. Targeting LTKs will usually put you in competition with STKs since LTKs tend to include STKs. For example, if a site is trying to rank for red sports car used corvette, it will be part of the competition for sports car.

Aside from the higher competition, Google’s algorithm makes it much harder to rank for STKs than LTKs. As Aaron Wall shows through these helpful graphics, links play a much more important part for STKs while onpage elements are more important for LTKs.

To rank for STKs, you need a huge amount of backlinks, many of which need to come from popular sites. Link building is time consuming so it can take months and even years to rank. Plus, even with all your effort, you may not have the resources and skill to beat out the top sites. Because of Google’s emphasis on links, the top ten sites for STKs tend to be big brands with a lot of resources. These brands are hard to compete with!

Spending all that time without much result drains resources and hurts morale. STKs can have a certain appeal if you like high risk/high reward opportunities. There is a big payoff if you hit your goal, but the likelihood of that is low.

On the other hand, you usually don’t need many links to rank for LTKs and you can rank for them fairly quickly. This leads to a positive domino effect. You get traffic quickly from the rankings. The traffic gives you visibility, which can lead to freely given links. These new links improve your rankings so you get even more traffic. Each increase in traffic gives you opportunities to make more money and you can reinvest the earnings to improve your site.

LTKs may have lower competition but that doesn’t mean they don’t comprise a sizable percentage of the search traffic volume. Consider these two stats from bg Theory: 20% of Google’s daily searches are new or haven’t been used in the last 6 months and 54.5% of the queries are greater than 3 words.

Also, in my experience, sites get the bulk of their traffic from LTKs. As a quick experiment, I checked out that stats of some of my sites from various niches to see the ratio between search traffic and number of keywords. Here is what I found from this year’s stats.

Site #1 (gaming niche): 279,169 visits / 72,754 keywords = 3.84 visits per keyword
Site #2 (dating niche): 122,851 / 47,501 = 2.59
Site #3 (computer tips niche): 103,343 / 53,265 = 1.94
Site #4 (fashion niche): 38,631 / 15,350 = 2.52
Site #5 (software niche): 130,737 / 32,987 = 3.96

As you can see, none of the sites reached four visits per keyword. So, on average, each keyword that delivers traffic doesn’t send a lot of traffic at all. For every keyword that sends 100+ visits each month, you will have many LTKs that only send one or two visits. But when you total up the traffic from those LTKs, you come up with a good chunk of your total search volume.

Check your stats program to see if you have similar ratios and leave a comment with your results. I predict you will have similar ratios as my sites.

Targeting LTKs over STKs improves your conversion rate. A searcher who types in a LTK is more likely to buy than a consumer who uses a more general term. Without knowing anything about me, if I walked into your shop and said, “I want to buy a pair of tennis shoes,” would you think I was interested in buying, or just casually browsing. Now, what if I walked in and said, “Do you have those white silver Nike tennis shoes, the ones Roger Federer wears?” You would know that the only thing left would be size and pricing. If you had what I wanted, I would purchase a pair as long as it fit my budget.

Now, if I came into a brick-and-mortar store mumbling about tennis shoes, the retailer will ask a few questions in order to push the sales process forward. But online, the store owner cannot do that. The online consumer is in control of the buying process and will often browse a number of websites, considering a range of products, before figuring out which product they want and who they want to buy it from. By targeting LTKs, you position your site near the end of the buying process, when customers are in a purchasing state of mind and already know what they want.

On the other hand, STKs can have such poor conversion rates that they may not be worth targeting at all. I remember listening to a podcast of an SEO firm that ranked for seo marketing. They stopped aiming for that term because the conversion rate was so low.

Here’s a graph that shows the relationship between conversion rate and the different types of keywords:

Finally, just because your SEO strategy is focused on LTKs doesn’t mean you won’t improve your rankings for STKs. As I’ve shown before, most LTKs contain STKs. For instance, if you aim for golden retriever dog training puppy, you are also sending signals to Google to improve your ranking for golden retriever and dog training.

How to Target Long Tail Keywords

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of targeting LTKs, let’s look at some practical strategies for improving your rankings for these keywords.

First things first. Don’t target LTKs one at a time. This is a not a good strategy for your time and effort. Remember that you need to rank for many LTKs to bring in a lot of traffic. Fortunately, you can target many keywords at the same time with one page. The key is building a large keyword list. Then, refer to that list and include the relevant keywords in your content.

There are different things you can do to generate an effective keyword list. Here are my favorite strategies.

Perform in-depth market research through social media. One of my favorite SEO quotes is “Keyword research is market research.” Social media is a great channel to do keyword research because you can get feedback from many different people.

Examine Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Answers, and the popular blogs and forums in your industry. Record all the topics that keep coming up in the online conversation. Then, for each topic, record the keywords that people are using to describe the topic. I like to organize my keywords by topic to make it easier to keep track of them. Each niche has a certain vocabulary and jargon. It’s your job to become familiar with those words. Those same words will be used by web searchers on Google.

Research your competitors. Find out which topics they are covering and which ones they are neglecting. They may be ignoring topics that show up a lot in social media. By creating content on these topics using relevant keywords, you’ll target valuable keywords with low competition. Not only that, but you’ll gain branding and credibility by standing out from the crowd.

A similar strategy is to examine the title tags of your competitors and see which keywords are not being used. The title tag is by far the most important onpage SEO factor. You can gain a big advantage by including the keywords in your title tags that aren’t being used by your competitors.

Check your logs. If you have a lot of content, your keyword logs are often a gold mine. Find out which keywords are sending traffic to your site and create content based on those keywords. In many cases, your logs will point to an area in your niche where there is much opportunity.

For example, if you have a gardening website and your logs show many keywords related to gardening tools, you can start blogging about all the tools you know. Then you could do research about tools and blog about the ones you haven’t covered. I used this strategy on my gaming site to good effect. In my logs, I found many keywords in a topic that I didn’t write much about. I started covering the topic and after a couple months, my search traffic more than doubled.

A more advanced strategy is use a tool like SEMRush to spy on your competitors and see which keywords they are ranking for.

Use trial and error. Expand your vocabulary and include many different keywords on your site. Take some time to brainstorm many synonyms for common terms in your niche. Try them out when you create new content. Then, reexamine your logs to see which ones were effective and add them to the keyword list.

Don’t be afraid of meaty articles. Some affiliate marketers seem to stay away from longer content. However, in my experience, articles over 800 words tend to rank for more LTKs than shorter articles.


About the Author: Dee Barizo is an SEO specialist for The Best Degrees, an online degree site featuring the top online programs based on cost and quality. The site recently published a ranking of the best distance learning schools in the United States.

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For partners - cashing in on Web hosting references

This is a guest post by CT Moore.

When most people think profitable hosting business, they think of hosting giants such as GoDaddy, Rackspace, which have an extensive infrastructure and large marketing budgets. But there are other possibilities, money from hosting services to, and you don't have to build your own data center, to do it.

As a way of cashing in on Web hosting as an affiliate marketer is, another option includes more traditional B2B referral programs. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, but the point is, that almost each can professional Web commissions by selling someone else host.

Like so many other e-commerce industries (hosting, after all, is usually online sold) have many hosting companies (large and small) affiliate programs. And the interesting to the host affiliate programs is that they both a wide range of products to promote and offer a variety of incentive structures.

On the product side of things, most hosting companies offer more than a product, you can promote. For example, in addition to various hosting-"Packages" you can raise, that you make may also commissions from domain name registration or hosted software solutions. This affiliates provides an excellent opportunity the cross-sell and upsell their recommendations.

Another interesting aspect of hosting affiliate programs is that it would offer different types of Commission structures. This is beneficial because you can be compensated you in a way that best suits (1) your user base buying habits and (2) the nature of the product that you promote.

In particular some host programs pay-out a flat fee for certain references, some of which total sales, and some revenue share. This means that you can choose to promote a program, the incentive structure is best suited for your business goals.

So, if you are more interested in immediate rewards, a program to promote offers the a flat fee for each sale you can. Conversely, if you are interested in building a recurring revenue stream, you can a program that offers Revenue Sharing, to promote so that you continue to make Commission for every other month that a referral renews their hosting package.

The point is that hosting affiliate programs offer your traffic cost requirements. If your traffic is all new user and you know not much about their buying habits, above you can a flat fee or percentage Commission of the final sale. But if you have a loyalty base of users, you can opt for revenue sharing and bind your commissions in their loyalty, and cross-sell and upsell you in the coming years.

However you must be off either a savvy webmaster money hosting. To make a very common way for non-affiliates commissions from referrals is a reseller program to resell hosting . This is done in two ways.

On the one hand, there are second and third level hosting companies, which in large quantities by a large hosting provider, hosting, and then buy white-label and sell it under their own brand. The challenge in this model is twofold: (1) your have tech support and customer service systems and (2) you will need your own sales force, because your chances on the larger guys, you already by buy outranking is pretty low.

Another group of hosting reseller consists of Web designers and developers. You see, after a Web site created, it may be difficult to generate more revenue from the client. Some Web developers and designers manage their customers host and then she have a monthly fee.

Many hosting providers offer special accounts for these types of resellers so that they can scale their storage and bandwidth, and its customer portfolio to manage better. The challenge in this model is also a two-fold: (1) you must have some knowledge of Web development, and (2) you have to go and get Web design customers.

Year after year is the Internet is growing. Always a demand for the hosting will be whether it will be for new websites or some, sexy mobile app. And everywhere where demand, there is opportunity.

Whether you produce online communities, managing Web sites that create their own content, many new visitors that attracts, is there some way to cash on the demand for Web-hosting in. The only challenge for you is to determine (1) what kind of hosting your traffic could be interested in, and you can offer an appropriate Commission structure on a relevant product to (2) the hosting affiliate program.


CT Moore is a senior strategist of the interactive agency of NVI, where he has worked on digital campaigns for various hosting companies, including Hosting.com and Joyent. He is also an experienced author, Blogger and speaker, as a staff editor for Revenews.com is

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Global spam compliance considerations

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This is a guest post by Richard B. NewmanAffiliate Marketing Lawyer

Late last year, Canada passed federal anti-spam legislation known as “Canada’s Online Protection Legislation (“COPL”).  In doing so, Canada has become the last of the G8 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States) to implement specific legislation to combat unsolicited commercial e-mail (“UCE”).

UCE and SMS text messages have rapidly become a global sensation.  However, it is oftentimes difficult to hold senders of these electronic messages accountable – thus, spammers are ubiquitous.  The consequences are typically borne by e-mail account holders and ISPs.

Global legislation has taken differing approaches with respect to dealing with UCE.  As a general rule, national legislation protects all resident e-mail account holders, and thus also applies to e-mail senders that may reside abroad.  The challenge that this creates is one with respect to global direct marketing programs because as anti-spam laws of various jurisdictions differ (e.g., acquisition of e-mail addresses and other personal data, when/whether prior opt-in consent from an e-mail account holder is required,  how UCE must be labeled and accompanied by opt-out mechanisms, and how compliance enforcement).

For example, European Union law restricts the collection of personal data, including e-mail addresses. The legality of building databases for marketing purposes without express individual consent, or at least prior notice, is questionable at best.  It may be permissible to collect e-mail addresses from public sources if the interest of the e-mail account holder in keeping his or her address out of the data base does not outweigh the interest of the data collector to commercialize the data base.  However, prior notice is generally required for data collection, and some European Union Member States require prior affirmative opt-in consent before personal data is used for any marketing purposes.

By contrast, in the United States, companies are generally free to collect and process e-mail addresses and personal information for marketing purposes, with the exception of specific flagrant forms of harvesting and unauthorized access to websites and servers – prohibited by the CAN-SPAM Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.  At least for now, prior notice to e-mail account owners regarding the collection of their addresses is generally not required and cookie placement practices should be disclosed in website privacy statements, but companies are not required to obtain affirmative prior consent – again, for now…stay tuned.

The CAN-SPAM Act also generally permits companies to send unsolicited e-mails, so long as recipients are not deceived and receive certain disclosures and an opportunity to opt-out of receiving further e-mails. 

 The Canadian legislation contemplates a prior opt-in requirement, more similar to the European than the U.S. approach, although exceptions to be further developed in the implementing regulations could effectively create more of a middle ground between the restrictive European system and the more permissive (currently) U.S. approach.  It is anticipated that COPL will come into force when implementing regulations are adopted toward the end of this year.

While COPL will create a comprehensive regulatory regime primarily enforced by the federal communications regulator, it will almost certainly establish a range of new offenses and penalties.  While its primary objective is almost certainly to reduce “the most damaging and deceptive” spam and related online threats that discourage the use of electronic commerce and undermine privacy, the broad scope of COPL may have unintended consequences upon legitimate online business activities and subsequently require careful assessment of the requirements and revised procedures to ensure compliance.

Specifically, COPL generally prohibits individuals and organizations from sending, causing or permitting to be sent unsolicited “commercial electronic messages” to any recipient (including both personal and business e-mail addresses) who has not provided prior consent.  Businesses must generally obtain express opt-in consent from recipients before sending any electronic commercial messages, including a message containing a request to obtain consent.  Reliance on implied consent will be permitted in certain situations, including pre-existing business relationships and where an electronic address was conspicuously disclosed in a business context.   The definition of a “commercial” electronic message is very broad, encompassing any message one of whose purposes could reasonably be construed to encourage participation in a commercial activity.

In all non-exempt commercial electronic messages, COPL will mandate detailed disclosure requirements in order to obtain consent, as well as a mandatory unsubscribe mechanism.  Generally, unsolicited commercial messages will be required to identify the party sending the message and, if different, the identity of the party on whose behalf the message is sent, as well as their respective contact information.  The unsubscribe mechanism will be required to include either a specified electronic address or a hyperlink valid for at least 60 days.  Unsubscribe requests will need to be given effect no later than 10 business days after being sent.

The prohibitions placed on unsolicited commercial electronic messages will apply regardless of the medium used for transmission.  E-mail, instant messaging, and text messaging will be captured, regardless of whether the message is in the form of text, sounds, image, or video.  COPL will not apply to commercial electronic messages delivered via a broadcast undertaking, two-way voice communications between individuals, or “broadcast” faxes or voice recordings sent to a telephone account. However, the legislation does include provisions that would allow COPL requirements to be extended to telemarketing calls in the future.

COPL does not limit how an e-mail address itself can be collected, other than by amending existing privacy legislation to prohibit e-mail address harvesting, discussed below.  However, existing private sector privacy legislation generally requires prior consent to the collection of personal information, including e-mail addresses.  Since such consent can be implied, there may be situations where businesses have consent to collect e-mail addresses under privacy legislation but lack the consent necessary under COPL to use them for marketing communications.

COPL will be enforced jointly by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian Competition Bureau and the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Significant civil administrative monetary penalties will be available to address non-compliance, which can reach up to C$1 million ($1 million) in the case of individuals and C$10 million ($10.2 million) in the case of businesses for the most egregious offences.  Officers and directors of a corporation may be liable in certain circumstances, including if they authorized or acquiesced in the commission of an offence. As well, employers may be held liable for violations committed by their employees or agents acting within the scope of their employment or authority.  A “due diligence” defense will be available to demonstrate that steps were taken to prevent alleged violations.  COPL will also provide a private right of action for parties to claim actual losses, damages or expenses and authorize Canadian courts to order compensation, as well as statutory damages.

Richard B. Newman is an Internet Law Attorney and
Business Litigation Lawyer at Hinch Newman LLP

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Apr 27, 2011

FTC forces ClickBank crackdown on spammy get-rich-quick offers

The FTC is really down to crack the work at home and get-rich-quick offers, and I for one am happy to see! Really glad to see, ClickBank, offers one of the major providers of spam affiliate cleaning industry tries!

Make sure all your offers Word to the way - to ensure, they are not the rules break and use the new ClickBank guidelines below when you need to avoid template for offers and language provide not only ClickBank. Here, paragraphs of the letter, the ClickBank are 2 main sent to provider. (Bold of me)

Excerpts from ClickBank letter. Make sure you read on the blog posts below full letter.

Per the information of new FTC sales material should not get the impression, the customers can make money without much work just create, and certain ideas, should follow the be collecting money (such as content marketing, video marketing, social media, etc.). Sales pages should also not overestimate how much realistic be made or that imply that profits are guaranteed.

The FTC does strong false urgency/scarcity messaging (such as "only 3 copies left!"), if it no actual scarcity.

Apparently the new ClickBank guidelines in response to the part which make this money are online FTC case "FTC steps up efforts against scams that target financially-strapped consumers" and other recent work from home business opportunity cases.

The FTC has updated consumer education materials, fall consumers to avoid to help these victims of Cheatings. http://www.ftc.gov/bizopps

Here are 2 good blog posts, which refers to the changes and has good comments.

ClickBank clears FTC-compliant guidelines Joel Comm

In the last details are get marketers from the United States Federal Trade Commission few years under greater control. The FTC has taken to task for fraudulent Internet marketing practices several companies and individuals.

As the largest seller information products Clickbank.com of now clear guidelines for the type of the products and/or marketing practices that are more closely scrutinized in the future is online. In other words, they go to work some of the "less legitimate" clean offers harder the unfortunately their catalog litter.

ClickBank hard down on spammy on make money online offer - Jonathan Volk

Recently, it has a wave of ClickBank sales pages that were very scammy. Promises that tens of thousands of dollars can by pressing of a click (Seriously… a click) is simply pathetic.

What do you think? Would love to hear below your opinion.

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Ten most important benefits of being a female partner - happy international women's day 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011 at 9:21 pm by Linda Buquet

Since international women's day and since I am a woman in this industry (thought not active partner per se) I thought, I would share are a great blogged on ShareResults my friends today. If an affiliate marketer (male or female) read the list and grateful for all the freedom and flexibility offers this business.

International women's day 2011: 10 reasons why a woman affiliate are top

In honor of international women's day today, we want a special shout, send the amazing women in affiliate marketing and our own team of affiliate managers (o, ladies!). We would like to purchase from Kagi, a short list of the ten reasons why it's great, a woman affiliate will contribute.

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Apr 26, 2011

Next Generation Network Marketing Handbook

What you need to know to get your network marketing business off to a flying start.How to build your team and market the right way.

Check it out!

Affiliates: the Google will content farm kill update article marketing?

As you no doubt, of have heard that Google content farm now has we update with many Web sites. Many of them happen to article marketing sites and article directories that with popular are affiliate marketing.

According to a survey conducted by Sistrix and posted at search engine landhere are some of the biggest article sites, the ranking lost after the upgrade. EzineArticles.com, ArticleBase.com, FindArticles.com, LovetoKnow.com, AssociatedContent.com. Web sites for the publication of your content for a SEO boost, which got dinged include Hubpages.com, Squidoo.com, Mahalo, Buzzle, and some Q & A sites.

So moves Google's latest kill article marketing? I don't know because I have no crystal ball and me have focused on article marketing never. But below are some good articles from some very smart people like Ros Gardner, are familiar with this market and has some opinions.

The death of bum marketing

Why bum marketing is dead?

Latest Google algorithm change, farmer and cast spells death for bum marketing websites in the same way as crappy, useless Adsense sites in last algorithm changes targeted were.

Is article farmer marketing still effective according to the update of Google?

"As you all probably now the latest Google have heard, the farmer update a pretty major damper set marketing has on article, as you have placed the keyword rankings for sites like EzineArticles, farms go networks associated content, HubPages and other articles now than content."

EzineArticles aims, rankings get back after Google algorithm update

"While we stubbornly refuse anyone who brings the label of 'content ' farm in EzineArticles.com, not immune against this algorithm we were change," said Knight. "Traffic decreased by 11.5% on Thursday and more than 35% on Friday." "In our life up today this the single most important decline is confidence that we have seen Google the market."

To try and again in Google's favor, EzineArticles reduction in the number of articles is submissions from more than 10% - accepted articles that "are not clear enough". It will no longer accept article submissions on a WordPress plugin. You are the show per page reduced. You are the minimum word count to 400 trigger. You are "Raise the bar to the borders of the keyword density". "You are article than remove"thin and spammy", and more focus on rejection of the advertorial article."

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Apr 25, 2011

Auto Affiliate Riches

BOX2 201x300 Auto Affiliate Riches Auto Affiliate Riches By Angus Morley

Auto Affiliate Riches is completely a new Internet marketing system that discloses hidden secrets that no other systems can tell. If you are wondering how to make money online within the wink of your eyes, Angus Morley has the answer. In this review, you are going to learn how Angus made a full time income, so don’t miss reading it.

Auto Affiliate Riches

Auto Affiliate Riches is an easy-to-follow system that helps Internet marketers to build their affiliate marketing business. Angus was interested in producing a very simple complete step-by-step system that even beginners can get benefits from using it. With AAR, you will learn the following:

How to select the hottest niches which need most powerful keywords. With Angus’ system, you are going to learn more about niche selection with the help of utilizing a perfect keyword research tool.Get closer to the biggest online market, aka Amazon and learn its secrets for success online.The best tool to create a well-optimized website that generates you instant cash.The focus on using the power of most interesting social media networks which enable users to drive more targeted traffic to websites.The secret of using press release and how it can work for us and within 30 minutes, people can drive a great deal of traffic to their websites.And so much more tools are revealed in this amazing product such as video marketing, blogging, and the more.

Can You Rely on Auto Affiliate Riches?

If you are serious about making money through online marketing, Auto Affiliate Riches is the right way to go. All you need to do is to have some knowledge about Internet marketing especially affiliate marketing and you will get everything you need to set up your online empire that generates you instant income over time.

Auto Affiliate Riches Scam?

To be honest with you, there is no guarantee that this product is another scam or a real deal! But we can say that Angus is a really respected Internet marketer who has high reputation on the web and he surly wants to help people make revenues they’ve dreamt of. This piece of work is really worth a try since it comes with fully money back guarantee. Besides, the cool stuff you will get with Auto Affiliate Riches is not the only thing here. There are other fabulous bonuses you will take advantages from. Angus makes sure to teach his people how to dominate ezine articles, fiver outsourcing secrets, unusual ways to profit online, and more.

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Internet marketing software - Internet marketing softwares

The Internet marketing softwares we develop are designed for both comfort and success. We are web and software designers, SEO and I. marketers, we develop on demand products. Fully Re Brandable softwares, keyword software, Twitter software, CB software.

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Apr 24, 2011

Income Instruments

index Income Instruments Income Instruments By Ritoban Chakrabarti

Income Instruments is another comprehensive Internet marketing course that is released by Ritoban Chakrabarti. This blueprint comes with awesome tools that affiliate marketers need to make money online. It starts with creating a successful website, attracting more targeted traffic to it, and ends with passive income. You may have heard about Profit Instruments and CPA Instruments course created by Ritoban. Let’s now get closer to Income Instruments and what this course consists of.

Income Instruments

Income Instruments is where you can find the exclusive income instruments which enable people not to get worried anymore about creating websites, getting free traffic, build perfect e-mail lists, and the more. With just a few clicks, you can create your path to success online. Ritoban’s Income Instruments have the unconcealed tools that solve any problem could face beginners or even high experienced Internet marketers.

The main problem that faces lots of beginners is actually setting up a website that must attract more targeted traffic. Income Instruments provide those newbie with tools allowing them to make a place for their online business in search engines result pages.It also comes with exclusive instruments to build a perfect e-mail list that allows web marketers to keep in touch with their potential customers.Not just that – with this, you can get the Stealth Income Software where proven money making tactics are given.An integrated guide that shows every step should be taken in order to get an income up.It also offers the Income Instruments Bonus Package. And more…

Income Instruments – Is It Good Enough?

It seems that Ritoban knows what he is doing. With Income Instruments, he makes sure to provide people with necessary instruments that allow them to stop worrying about making money online. With its unique stuff, marketers can succeed online by first creating a successful onlinemarketingbusiness till making tons of money. It only requires you to follow some simple steps and with just a few clicks, users can start earning passive income they’ve dreamt of. So, Income Instruments is a good investment for you.

Income Instruments Scam?

Honestly, Ritoban Chakrabarti has great reputation on the web and his courses really rock. In addition, Income Instruments is not a fancy name give by him. It really draws the road to success online by giving what it needs to financial freedom. On the other side, it’s not preferable to buy something without being fully satisfied and convinced that the materials you will get are priceless and can make you a consistent income online.

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Video Marketing Expert

music box 001 Video Marketing Expert Video Marketing Expert

From its name, Video Marketing Expert is an Internet marketing course that’s all about implementing the power of most effective videos not only to make a great impact to viewers, but also to ensure you become a viral video expert. If you like to learn more about video marketing tools and how to master YouTube marketing, Video Marketing Expert is the answer.

Video Marketing Expert

Video Marketing Expert is a killing program that provides users with many awesome business opportunities to get more targeted traffic to a website and make big money online. No matter what you are selling is, Video Marketing Expert does all the work for you by first attracting more viewers to your video and creating backlinks pointed to your online business. With Video Marketing Expert, you can expect the following:

+200 tutorial videos templates which are ready for the immediate use.It just needs you to pop these templates to the free Windows Movie Maker software, edit the text, and then publish the videos.Within minutes, you can get your videos done and published in many video marketing channels.Beside, Internet marketers will be able to learn how to optimize their productions by spreading their videos all over the world and get high-quality backlinks.The program comes with a step-by-step guide that helps users create videos to market their businesses, products or services, CPA marketing offers, and others.

The Idea behind Video Marketing Expert

No wonder that Video Marketing Expert is all about how to use the power of video to make more profits on the web. With VME, users can learn from experts; which is the best way to reach the approach. The best part in this product is that you can get excellent tutorials, helpful guides and wonderful materials that enable you to be a master at viral videos and of course reach your online business success easily.

Video Marketing Expert Scam?

If we are talking about Video Marketing Expert, then we need to mention how amazing the features you will use, the strength of designs that you will utilize to create your PLR videos. VME is definitely for getting you out of creating those boring slide show videos. Video Marketing Expert is the way to go if you want to make fun and interesting videos that your people will like to watch. After a good research, we found that this product is not a scam! It represents high quality material for mastering video marketing tools.

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Apr 23, 2011

Affiliate Marketing Power Strategies Handbook

The complete guide will lead you through every step to becoming a super affiliate and start making money in less than 24 hours! You will have the opportunity to become an affiliate and earn 60% commission! Banners, Articles, Keywords and more supplied.

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California Court extended potential liability exposure for online advertisers

This is a guest post from Richard B. Newman - affiliate marketing lawyer

A very important and very controversial decision was before recently by the California Court of appeal, second district in the question of whether CAN-SPAM before the California anti-spam law (hyperlink touch Inc. v. ValueClick Inc., CAL CT. ca, 2d Dist., 18 Jan. 2001) issued.  Component is critical for the devices of the affiliate marketing industry, as that seems to have led, CAN-SPAM Act that allows to conduct for the imposition of strict liability for online advertisers, regardless of the degree of knowledge and control of the Publisher aspect of this judgment.

I wrote a detailed article on the subject is available on the performance Marketing Association website, but Linda asked me the link, to share it here to make sure 5 star readers informed are kept.

California Court of appeal holding that CAN-SPAM Act email service provider law of the State of California will not separate claims

Richard B. Newman is an Internet lawyer and
Internet law specialist at Hinch Newman llp
…………………………………………………………………………………… *Advertising publishing and information policy*.

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Instant Google and Google previews - effects on affiliate marketing

Tuesday, November 16th, 2009 at 1: 30 pm by Linda Buquet

Carpal tunnel problems that are difficult to blog, so just going to quote and send you over to my friends at ShareResults for the rest of the story.

Google instant previews: Cleanliness is next to the fear of God

We plan on the importance of clean landing pages in the affiliate marketing terms and with Google's new image based snapshots, clean, neat pages with strong calls to action are a must. Surfer able to your competitors, your website will compare with Google instant previews, so that if ever they always have, then the time us now... that was of course looks

Ryan Singel of wired writes "the previews are still a further indication that the controversy over search dominance is now more on the user interface, as has the best 10 results on a page", and of course, if you can capture both, You are well underway in the affiliate marketing game.

Google instant and subsidiary

Be led how much are people by proposals astray presents Google instant remains to be seen. Is someone looking to "get online a college degree" stop of the original search based on the instant results of Google and check out the results for "get a Mac" instead? It could happen; It will not happen probably. There is no scientific method to prove it and is there no way to track whether you lose on proposals are on the search results from Google.

It is my opinion that something the partners that closely examine and experience you could benefit, implement how this thing works, and then capture this strategies to traffic in the same way that it always did they benefit those who take advantage of each, that it could be. In fact, there could be a whole new range of keyword ideas for affiliates, keep still the goal in mind, that traffic is qualified.

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Apr 22, 2011

5 New years success resolutions for affiliates and merchants

Monday, January 17th, 2011 at 11: 17 am by Linda Buquet

I have so a little late in the holiday for the last few weeks, am posting because it has to do with new year resolutions. But my friends and customers at ShareResults has such a good job on these 2 pieces, I wanted to share to be sure if she missed it. A number of resolutions for affiliates and the other for merchants and Affiliate Manager.

5 New year's resolutions to help you succeed as a partner

Here on the share we work results with more than 12,000 affiliates, have the majority of full-time jobs, fighting that tricky balancing play, work during them, their online marketing business make their only full-time venture. This is no easy task to perform, especially when you have bills to pay and a family to feed. So, we decided, some advice, help your dream this year closer together: five resolutions for 2011 that will help you to achieve your goal one paid to become a full-time affiliate.

5 New year's resolutions to help you succeed as a trader

Last week we explored five business-building new year's resolutions for affiliates. We now turn our attention to traders, its partners and customers to offer tips on their image to improve affiliate programs and the way you communicate. Here are some areas for traders, on which is this year.

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Affiliate Marketing Profits - Skyrocket Your Affiliate Commissions!

Affiliate marketing is truly one of the most lucrative methods of earning a full time income online. Whether you have experience with online marketing or you are brand new to the world of Internet business, you can easily set up a finely tuned system ...

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Apr 21, 2011

Mass Traffic Leak

mass traffic leak review 300x102 Mass Traffic Leak Mass Traffic Leak By Wayne Miller

Mass Traffic Leak is a product from Wayne Miller that basically deals with the important aspect of online marketing i.e. the site traffic. Traffic is apparently one of the most crucial features that constitutes in the success of online marketing business. But, as the traffic is inconsistent in nature, marketers have to give special importance to it and take necessary steps for attaining consistency to bring high-quality traffic to the business blog/website.

Released on the February 24, 2011, Mass Traffic Leak is an attempt by Wayne Miller to assist the affiliates to drive traffic through various methods. It’s a training program that teaches step-by-step methods and instructs the marketers from various eBooks and video tutorials to direct traffic to the site.

Who’s Wayne Miller?

Wayne Miller is an affiliate marketer, a financial adviser, and an author who has made thousands of dollars through affiliate offers and as well as from his own IM products and training programs. Also, Wayne is known for the following the eBooks like The US Financial Crisis of 2007-08, and The Ultimate Internet Marketing.

In the previous products he has launched so far, he talks taught the affiliates to make wealth from their online business. He discussed many search engine optimization methods, and other techniques that bring money and help accomplish the dream.

Mass Traffic Leak – What is It?

Experts in the industry have launched many programs, but they didn’t reveal it all. Therefore, considering this fact, Wayne Miller has launched Mass Traffic Leak to show up the methods that help the affiliates drive mass traffic to the business website/blog and increase the sales and profits.

Affiliate can learn the importance of traffic in online business and how it can be driven to the websites.Methods to find the top niches and keywords related to the product or service that’s to bepromoted.Ways to do search engine optimization using the best keywords and how it lends a hand in converting the viewers into visitors.Getting automated traffic from various sources.Also, means to drive free and paid traffic that can make a difference to the business.

Mass Traffic Leak Scam?

Mass Traffic Leak from Wayne Miller cannot be underestimated because of the fact that his earlier products have been a game changer for the affiliates. The product is not a scam. Hence, anyone who’s need of traffic can give it a try.

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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Do not this huge affiliate errors

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 9: 05 pm by Linda Buquet

Affiliates, error can you time and money costs. Learn do some of the most common affiliate mistakes to avoid and your research. Continue reading for some great tips from our partner ShareResults.

Do not this colossal affiliate errors

This is probably the same idea that you have when you just start to car in affiliate marketing. Not asking the right questions or some in-depth research you can sell short cause. As a partner, there are a few important areas of your business you should be examined on a regular basis to ensure that you get the best deal. Here is a handful:

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Apr 20, 2011

Affiliate marketing industry Coalition proposed comments legislation need track

This is a guest post from Richard B. Newman - affiliate marketing lawyer

In December 2010, the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") released a staff report with recommendations to Stengthen U.S. consumer privacy protection, including an Internet emergency track mechanism.  The consumer advocacy community on the whole, supported the establishment of a government emergency track responsible for mechanism is focused on the emergence of behavioral online advertising, tracking consumer Internet activities for targeted marketing purposes.

18 February 2011 put one week after the Republic Jackie Speier (D Calif.) introduced the "do not track me online Act by 2011," a coalition of the marketing group comments to the FTC, essentially States that a mechanism allows consumers to avoid, that their Internet activities followed by advertisers greatly undermine efforts of the industry.  The above mentioned marketing groups cited the fact that consumers already have the ability to prevent such tracking in a recently launched industry program of the online marketing industry.  The self-regulation program with a central Web page, aboutads.info, function can consumer opt-Out behavioral advertising by participating companies.

The Coalition, consisting of the direct marketing association, Association of national advertisers, Interactive Advertising Bureau, the American Advertising Federation and the Association of advertising agencies, explains that "the Federal Government not the industry's commitment to the program undermined should by a double emergency track mechanism by law, regulation or Decree before all if appropriate mechanisms available on the market and were even designed", to the high standards and principles meet proposed by the Commission in your recent report on online behavioral advertising two years ago. "More important is, shows the Coalition way, where a government emergency track targeted marketing revenues could affect mechanism, support the fact free content on the Internet."

According to the Coalition, the Council of the better Business Bureau should monitor compliance with over the Internet, from 31 March 2011.

Richard B. Newman is an Internet lawyer and
Internet law specialist at Hinch Newman LLP
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California Court holds, the can-SPAM applies to social networking communications

This is a guest post from Richard B. Newman -an Internet & affiliate marketing advocate

The CAN-SPAM Act makes it unlawful for persons to initiate the transmission of commercial e-Mail messages that contain much false or misleading header information.  CAN-SPAM defines "Electronic Mail Message" as "a message that is sent to a unique e-Mail address."  It defines further "e-Mail address" as a "goal, General expressed as a sequence of characters, consisting of a unique user name or mailbox and a reference to an Internet domain, whether displayed, to which an e-Mail message be sent or delivered can."

On the 28 March 2011, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, instead, that the CAN-SPAM Act (the "Act") limits for the transmission of unsolicited commercial email ("UCE") beyond conventional E-mail to communicate with other electronic destinations, including Facebook user walls, News feeds and news on the network.  Facebook Inc. v. MaxBounty, Inc. (n.d. CAL, no. 10-4712, 3/28/11).  The judgment is one of the most expansive judicial interpretations, date, of the types of messages that fall within the scope of the Act.

District Court judge Jeremy Fogel found that this problem was one of first impression in the Ninth Circuit, directly addressing the question of whether the Act on social networking communication applies, that comparable are delivered not to the "Inbox" with conventional E-mail.  Previous California District Court decisions have found that the Statute "e-Mail like" news on the MySpace social network transferred achieved.  These courts reached the result by the consideration of the Act legislative history, pointing out that the law designed to ensure comfort and efficiency of electronic messaging systems, and saw no reason in the Statute for its reporting on e-mail limited.  So the extension of this analysis gave judge Fogel, that the law also reached other types of social networking communication.  Such messages require to carry out Facebook routing measures, therefore apply the law to this communication is consistent with Congressional intent, to mitigate deceptive commercial communications, which "overloading infrastructure."

Facebook claims that MaxBounty violated the law by enrolling subsidiary in unfair and deceptive ad campaigns involved the creation of fictitious Facebook profiles with the promise of free products.  Had to register, users agree, each of their Facebook friends, among other things to tell.  These notifications a Facebook account settings have been transferred by the Subscriber, but could potentially be delivered wall, in his or her news feed, a user of Facebook were as a posting to the user message to the external E-mail addresses of users.  The Court came to the conclusion that any type of message according to the law could fall.

The Act was on the whole, apply, and its restrictions on misleading header information reach all communications on unique electronic destinations, not only for traditional E-mail sent.

Richard B. Newman is an Internet lawyer and
Business litigation lawyer at Hinch Newman LLP
………………………………………………………………………………… *Advertising publishing and information policy*.

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Apr 19, 2011

Affiliates: 4 ways to get a raise and other incentives by dealers

Thursday, March 24th, 2011 at 8: 51 pm by Linda Buquet

To affiliates, you have a well-deserved raise? The best way to get to discover? Continue reading for some great tips from our partner ShareResults.

4 Steps to the always a raise and other incentives by dealers

If you partner and believe that you are the kind of traffic and sales for merchants who justified generate a higher Commission, or some other incentive, is it time, a game plan together, to help you to earn more... to reach this goal

Do you have experience negotiating a higher payout? Are you looking for more tips on how to incentivize to ask? Leave us your comments and tell about your personal experiences on this subject. We would love to hear your opinion.

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Wheres the meat? Edge ambitious affiliates

Monday, January 3rd, 2011 at 9: 02 am by Linda Buquet

One of the most exciting things about which a participant is his freedom, change things up, be creative and continuously to improve, without the constraints of a boss or corporate rules. But sometimes, affiliates get stuck in a rut and stop growing, or just accept you things the way at the moment, they are, without itself even better to do.

Here are some tips for affiliates that want to keep this winning edge! Enticing text and excellent insights, brought to you by our friends and customers at RevenueWire.

The ambitious affiliate's edge

Improvement. It is not always easy, but it is necessary, if you want to compete. You have to think and rethink. Change your links, banners and marketing strategy. You never hear up to develop your ideas. Check and renew. Do all what you to can your campaigns to perfect and are usually not raspy noise critics discourage you.

Do you have what it takes? Of course you do. Here are a few important tools that you can use your sharp edges and your bags interested in money, keen to keep.

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7 Day Cash Bullet System

7 Days Cash Bullet System 7 Day Cash Bullet System 7 Day Cash Bullet System By Thomas Robinson

7 Day Cash Bullet System is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that shows how to generate extra cash in 7 days. Thomas Robinson, the creator, claims that his system doesn’t deal with article marketing, no need for Google, no Yahoo, no pay-per-click marketing, no websites, and no traffic. All you need there is to follow his simple system through some easy bullets. If you are searching for a way to make thousands of dollars in a week, 7 Day Cash Bullet System is the way to go.

7 Day Cash Bullet System

Actually, there are a lot of money making solutions out there. Some of them are created by scammers; others are real. When it comes to 7 Day Cash Bullet System, we should say that this system is really strange since it enables users to make big real money with nothing. The system only provides the hidden, proven methods that Thomas used to pull in thousands of dollars in just seven days. Here is how it works:

It starts with some simple steps that are yet effective almost instantly.Then, the system shows you exactly what you need to make big money in just a few short days without putting into effort or having a lot of experience about Internet marketing.Also, it offers you the best tools to use in order to take control of your financial situation without falling behind on many bill payments anymore.No need to be expert in writing skills, web developing, web designing, managerial skills, or free traffic generation methods.

Who Is 7 Day Cash Bullet System For?

The system is for anyone wants to pay off all his overdue bills, cut down all credit cards, have fun with his family, buy a new car and live a luxury life, get his financial freedom, and get all dreams true. In fact, 7 Day Cash Bullet System is for those who are ready to generate income online continuously.

7 Day Cash Bullet System Scam?

It seems that Thomas knows what he is doing and he is sure that his system can make you $20,346.43 in just 7 days. That’s why the system comes with 60-day 100% money back guarantee. All you have to do is to try his proven methods for 60 days and judge it. If you are not satisfied, it’s all yours to get your money back. 7 Day Cash Bullet System really rocks.

Verdict: Not a Scam!

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Apr 18, 2011

Party lists and planning guides for the Affiliate Summit West 2011

Many affiliate marketers, managers and service providers are eagerly trying to wrap up work, and get ready to head to Las Vegas for Affiliate Summit West 2011. So I thought I would try the best party lists, TODO lists, and newbie how to do this, how to compile the best of Affiliate Summit.

Be sure to plan ahead so that you can the most of this packed action event!

Parties at Affiliate Summit West 2011
The official party list Summit Organizer, Shawn Collins.

First timer Guide for Affiliate Summit West 2011
Shawn Collins dishes the Summit newbie guide.

Participants buzz # 183-A complete newbies Guide to getting the most out your trip on Affiliate Summit West 2011
Summit veteran and super affiliate James Martell shares his insights.

The PMA 2011 members meetings
A must attend, if you want to help our industry improve and grow. Monday, January 10 @ 5: 30

As to the best of Affiliate Summit: 10 tips
Geno shares his best tips

Guide to Affiliate Summit West 2011 in Las Vegas
The unofficial party list of tempo Latin

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Cpa Affiliate Marketing System

Affilaites make 70% commission on each and every sale with our Cpa Marketing System. Cpa explained inside and out! The Easiest Set And Forget System To Generate Massive Cash Without Selling A Thing! How to start a profitable Cpa campaign from scratch.

Check it out!

Apr 17, 2011

Underground Online Seminar 007

header1 300x82 Underground Online Seminar 007 Underground Online Seminar 007 By Yanik Silver

Yanik Silver has launched the series no. 7 of Underground Online Seminar where people can get top Internet marketers’ secrets of success online. If you are serious about making money online, Yanik’s Underground Online Seminar is the way to go. In this series, many high caliber speakers revealed their secrets of Internet profit and how to use their market tricks to draw tons of traffic to websites.

Underground Online Seminar 007

Underground Online Seminar 007 is an awesome invitation to meet real Internet millionaire makers who are qualified to teach you everything you need to know in order to build a successful Internet marketing business. This massive seminar includes:

14 prominent speakers who will reveal their Internet marketing tricks.Online millionaire makers who will show their new proven techniques to make big real money online.The great advantages of using social media networks, PPC, Google marketing, affiliate marketing, Internet marketing tools, joint venture, email marketing, article marketing, etc.Successful marketing plans which focus on valuable information needed to help people drive more targeted traffic to websites and thus generate more sales and profits.Cool methods that most top Internet marketers use to generate millions in a short time frame.

Top Internet marketers like Chad Folkening, Joel Marion, Ted Leonis, Ron Douglas, Brad Gosse, Scott Harrison, Quoc Bui, Michael Moon, and Susan Bratton have revealed their underground tricks on how to boost your sales and profits online.

This seminar consists of many priceless ideas shared via intensive training, VIP dinner with Internet millionaire entrepreneurs, bonus section, and the award to top underground speaker of the year.

Did You Miss the Underground Online Seminar 007?

Whether you attended this seminar or not, it’s truly amazing to get the cool methods and techniques revealed by those top Internet marketers. Underground Online Seminar is done every year for picking the brains of top Internet guys. It will be great if you attend the next seminar which is for all money achievers.

Underground Online Seminar 007 Scam?

Honestly, Underground Online Seminar is an exclusive event which is clear and simple to all Internet marketers, even for newbies. Yanik invites all web marketers to watch this seminar right now in order to get the proper knowledge of how to get more traffic to websites. It seems great to watch this amazing seminar, but there is no guarantee that this isn’t a scam!

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SEO tips for massive content sites & Enterprise-Publisher

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This is a guest post by CT Moore.

You’ve heard the phrase before: Content is King. But the bigger the kingdom, the harder it is to maintain control over it. Well, if you run a content fiefdom, the same principle applies.

You see, being an enterprise level publisher is a double-edged SEO sword. On one hand, the more content you have, the more there is for Google to index, and the more short-, medium-, and long-tail keywords you can end up ranking for. On the other hand, there’s also more content an pages to confuse Google, meaning a greater chance of being seen as a spammer and getting penalized when you didn’t intend to violate any webspam guideline.

So how do enterprise level publishers get the most out of their content and avoid looking like spammers? Well, it all starts with some solid onsite SEO.

Online publishers are driven by three mandates: (1) reader acquisition, (2) converting those readers into repeat users, and (3) retaining those users so that they can continue to grow their user-base/audience. Well, SEO plays an integral part in both the acquisition and conversion processes.

Specifically, a comprehensive SEO strategy will ensure that:

onsite content/pages is optimized for targeted termsDuplicate Content does not become a problem

The first place that all SEO should start is onsite and on-page. Specifically, each page should have its own unique and targeted meta info. Each of the following elements are important:

Page Titles: Insert 65 CharactersMeta Descriptions: Meta Keywords: don’t bother because the big search engines stopped indexing this field in 2005, so all meta keywords do is tell your competitors what you’re trying to rank for.

By unique, I mean that no two pages should have the same Title or Meta Description. Every possible page, from articles to categories, should have different titles and descriptions that are optimized for slightly different keywords.

By targeted, I mean that you shouldn’t just stuff whatever keywords in there that you think are relevant. Rather, you should use tools like Google Adword’s Keyword Tool to determine what relevant keyword combinations have the highest search volumes and optimize your page around those. It could mean the different between targeting 1,000 searchers a month to targeting 100,000 searcher a month.

Duplicate content is treated as spam by search engines because they see it as taking two copies of the same page and trying to make them look like different pages so that you can (unfairly and inaccurately) increase your rankings on more sets of keywords. Duplicate content is a problem for dynamic publishers because, often, the same page can be called up through different criteria, such as categories and tags.

Dynamic publishing sites post two challenges for publishers. First, they confuse search engines so that they’re not sure which duplicated page to include in their index. Second, search engines might end up seeing it as spam, and penalizing or outright banning your site from the SERPs altogether.

On major publishing sites with multiple categories and tags (especially blogs), duplicate content can be common in three different places:

Index Page: if your index page features some latest or featured article/posts (like on a blog), then you’ll probably have some content overlap between your index page and other category pages.Categories/Tags: if you articles/posts can appear in multiple categories/tags, you will most certainly have duplicate content issues across several category/tags pages.Article/Post Pages: if your index, blog, category, and/or pages features the articles/posts in full, then you’ll have duplicate content problems between those articles/posts and the other places they appear in full on your site.

There are five steps you can take to ensure that duplicate content issues do not affect your site’s indexation of rankings.

First of all, the only time where an artice/post should appear in its entirety is on the actual article/pst page. Any other page that might list that article (e.g. blog page, index page, category page, or tag page), shoud feature only a teaser from that article.

Ideally, your teasers should be completely unique, and not appear in the article itself. However, many large publishing sites choose to just feature the first 300 or so characters from the article, and it doesn’t seem to hurt their rankings.

As mentioned above, give every page a unique and targeted page title and meta description. This set of information is the first thing that search engines look at to determine what a page is all about, so this is your first opportunity to let search engines know exactly why any page is unique from another. This will be particularly important for category and tag pages, where content can be duplicated several times over.

The next place to let search engines know that a page is unique is through its content. So while two category/tag pages might list many of the same articles/posts/links, you can intervene by giving every page some unique static content that appears at the top.

There are two ways you should do this: (1) with unique H1 tag (hint: keep it related to your title tag), and (2) an additional descriptive paragraph that appears between that H1 tag and the content feed that may be duplicating content from other areas of your site.

If your site produce a lot of content across many categories and tags, it is probably not feasiable to produce unique page titles, meta descriptions, H1 tags, and intro paragraphs for every page — especially in the case of tags, which tend to be added on an ad hoc, ongoing basis. In this case, you will want to just tell search engines to ignore the really redundant pages and you can do this in two ways:

by adding to the page source of each redundant pageby adding these redundant pages to your robots.txt file

Of course, this begs the question of how do you know what pages are redundant? Well generally, it is best to exclude pages that are there for usability or navigation, but not search engines. As a rule, these tend to include:

tag pages (but keep category pages),author pages/feeds (unless you have high profile authors you want to rank for),archive by date page

Finally, many enterprise level publishers tend to syndicate content across many sites. This can results in another kind of duplicate content.

So what do you do if you wanna share relevant content with your users but not get penalized as spammer? Well, the answer is simple: use a canonical tag.

By adding a
tag to the page source of the page, you can tell the search engines “This content is duplicated and the original version is over there.” This way, the search engines know that you have nothing to hide. The canonical tag will look something like this:

You can get more info about the canonical tag here.

Whether we’re talking about business or something else, size is something that can work either for or against you. For instance, large companies have more resources, but are slower to adapt to changes in the marketplace. From an SEO perspective, enterprise level publishers have more content to be indexed, attract links, and help them rank on more terms, but the bigger the sitemap, the easier it is for search engines to get lost.

The right blend of onsite SEO, however, can make a huge difference when it comes to ranking on more terms and not getting in the process. What it really comes down to is ensuring that each page is as unique as possible (think page title, meta description, and H1 tag), and that there’s as little content duplicated in different places as possible. By taking these steps, not only can enterprise level publishers avoid penalties, but over time they will rank on longer and longer tail terms, and see an incredible amount of their organic traffic coming through on older pieces of content.


CT Moore is a strategist the SEO services company NVI, which specializes in SEO, PPC, and Social Media campaigns. He is also an accomplished writer, blogger, and speaker, as well as a Staff Editor at Revenews.com

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