Jun 30, 2011

The pros of being a pro affiliate$ 25,000 lesson

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011 at 8: 20 am by Linda Buquet

I read just a great post about on Jonathan Volk and wanted to share.

So do you become a pro affiliate? The $25,000-truth

It is for over 4 years I left my part time job as a computer salesman and always decided that this thing called the Internet my vehicle for which it could be great.

While this time I have learned a ton of money online and so many methods - make money made as a partner, a Etailer, coach, etc.. Fortunately, I have been quite successful in all of them. Each has it's upside down and it's disadvantage.

I wanted to write a minute on the back and disadvantages of being a full-time partner, how it compared to other ways to take money online.

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Underachiever to Millionaire

Underachiever to Millionaire

Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur who has made it big in life. At the age of 26, he is a millionaire who helped a lot of people from different parts of the world. Also, he is a best-selling author and a peak performance trainer.

He owns several businesses in education, training, event management, and advertising with an annual turnover of $30 million. Adam Khoo is also executive chairman and chief master trainer at Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd.

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Logan Wenger

120 869933 xcnbz Logan Wenger Logan Wenger, the founder of Claw Consulting, is an Internet marketing guru. He is basically into providing copywriting solutions to several web affiliates. The American born entrepreneur lives in Shanghai, China for the past several years and works completely from his home. From what we know/hear, Logan is a great planner and doesn’t take much time in implementing his plans to get results quickly.

He runs a coaching program named 23 lessons eCourse dedicated to teach the ins and outs of web copywriting. Anybody interested in copywriting can sign-up for this free course and make use of it.

Logan Wenger’s Focal Point

Logan Wenger has always been interested in business consulting and that is one reason why he founded Claw Consulting. Though, his focal point is not known, it can be said that Logan always helped fellow Internet marketers in their businesses. In fact, he has even provided web copywriting solutions to some corporate companies too. He built a couple of coaching programs including IM Business Guide Marketers Doctrine, dedicated to assist newbies build their online businesses.

Logan Wenger’s Product Portfolio

IM Business Guide Marketers Doctrine is a program that Rick developed keeping in mind about various webmasters who struggle to earn from their web based businesses. Logan calls it a no-nonsense guide to tapping into thousands and millions of web world. Apparently, the course allows you to start from the basics and then get into the most advanced strategies. The simple niche marketing course is divided into 5 modules and comes with a handful of helpful bonus packages.

Logan Wenger Negative

Logan Wenger, an Internet guru by profession, has had quite a lot of success in the recent past. He worked really hard to build his million dollar business and these days, busy creating coaching programs and teaching same to the others. And, after doing some research about him, we could not find any negative reviews or comments about him. So, with this, we can say that Logan is a trust-worthy individual.

Logan Wenger Scam?

Logan Wenger is an industry pioneer, who has been in the game for quite a long now. His knowledge and experience is something that a lot of people aspire to have. And, in spite of being in the online business for that long, Logan has never been termed as being a scam. We are quite certain about him not being a scam because we did our own little research and analysis about him. He isn’t a scam for sure!

Verdict: Guru Profile Rating – 4/5

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Jun 29, 2011

The Social Strategies

The Social Strategies

Jon Mercer has suffered for years with social problems before he finally became a development coach and trainer. Born in 1964 in South Georgia, he had faced a lot of difficulties during his teenage and has developed a sense of social phobia and panic attacks.

He became a development coach and started dealing with a lot of clients. Some of his clients were facing anxiety problems, it was then he decided to reveal the techniques that helped him overcome the social fear and anxiety problems.

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Mobile Web 3.0

Mobile Web 3.0 is considered to be the easiest and best way to share files with others, run an online marketing business, and keep in touch with your potential customers. Indeed, the evolution of cell phone creating makes it easy for people to access the Internet and upload, download and share files you want to transfer to others. To make it easier for people, Mobile Web 3.0 is flexible to work in different operating systems like Win Xp, Vista, 7, and others. It is also compatible with all mobile devices, iPad and tablets.

Mobile Web 3.0

Mobile Web 3.0, the next generation of the Internet, comes with new cool features for your mobile device. It enables you to save web 3.0 as a web-app on your home screen which allows you to track everything by just one look. Mobile Web 3.0 lets you find more mobile and tablets users, new mobile friends for free. What else you will get with Mobile Web 3.0:

The perfect mobile platform that puts you on the right way to use your mobile device.New styles and methods that you can use with a multi-touch mobile interface.A cool tool lets you connect with other mobile users all over the world.Upload, download and share files that you want to transfer to any kind of mobile devices.It enables you to explore more about iPads, iPhones, Smartphones, BlackBerry, and other mobile devices.Other awesome features such as interesting mobile applications, mobile entertainment, free mobile content, social media networks, and other tools.

Mobile Web 3.0 – Don’t Miss It

Mobile Web 3.0 is really worth your consideration as it comes with many cool features. The best and most important concept of Web 3.0 is that it enables users to hold a portable computer in a shape of mobile device. Simply put, it’s the latest and greatest wave in mobile Internet marketing. You should not miss it. It stands out from other Mobile Success Blueprints, Mobile Marketing Leadership, etc.

Mobile Web 3.0 Scam?

As you can see, mobile marketing is the new trend of making money through the Internet. Nowadays, many businessmen make mobile their new best friends that are willing to backup their important business files to their partners. By just one device, you can spread your words all over the world. In conclusion, if you are searching for a way to build strong networks with others, boost your sales, use brilliant services, accelerate in new markets, work as one team, and deliver your messages everywhere, then you are talking about Mobile Web 3.0 which is definitely not a scam!

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Methods to Improve ClickBank Sales

ClickBank is a huge affiliate marketing network and has an advantage over other affiliate networks. The sign-up process on CB is easy, and the product selection doesn’t take much time either. But, this means that there is heavy competition for affiliate marketers. Therefore, we see a lot of marketers trying out new techniques to beat the competition and improve their sales number by a large margin.

In this article, we’d highlight some proven methods that will improve your ClickBank sales and bring you more profits. By the time you finish reading this article, you’d be aware of the most used methods that do wonders and keep cash flowing in like never before.

Check the Affiliate Link

Affiliate link is what brings you more visitors and increases sales. But, the reason why most people don’t have high sales is that they don’t give importance to affiliate link, hence do not check it before they publish. Doing so will help you make a note of the sales through your affiliate link and you can claim your commission.

Visit the sales page using your affiliate link and click on the buy/order option at the end of the page, and check if it displays your affiliate ID.

Get Vendor’s Permission

Many affiliate marketers don’t take the permission of the vendor before starting their promotional campaign. Thus, end up facing some legal problems. Therefore, it is necessary to take a prior permission of the product owner before you start promoting it. This is important because it helps you avoid any legal problems and assist you in doing business more effectively.

Offer a Valuable Gift

A valuable gift can be really appealing to the customers. So, if you want to improve the sales number just offer something that’s worth as a gift, and see how the sales figures improve with passing time.

Generally, the vendors who want to sell products and services have attractive offers in place to draw people’s attention. And, it really works.

These are some of the proven methods which any affiliate marketer can utilize to increase sales and improve the cash balances on their balance sheets. Other method would be create an e-mail list and contact the customers via email with the offer you have for them. In this way, an affiliate can promote digital CB products using all new innovative techniques and earn thousands of dollars every month.

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Jun 28, 2011

5 Star affiliate tips for more revenue generating

Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 8:05 pm by Linda Buquet

Are you working hard, isn't it? Then you should listen to each tip, which help could you ways to create more revenue from every effort to find you in your business.

Here another is insightful post from our friends and customers about on ShareResults. As an affiliate manager, they know what works and what doesn't. Note their advice and see if it can help you generate more income. And with your affiliate manager for the programs that you run to see how you can help, is offered in more productive with their work.

Can boost their revenue affiliates do what

As an affiliate manager, I am constantly review, approval and, Yes, sometimes falling partner applications. In addition, I monitor websites to promote the subsidiaries for offers in our network. So, what I noticed? Partners, who themselves too thin, communicates with your affiliate manager and forget to promote the offer spread! Increase your sales in affiliate marketing is not just about accession programs, hosting affiliate links and sit back as the money in your account in roles. It is about knowing where to direct your efforts strategically.

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Jun 27, 2011

The Internet Marketing Backstage Pass

Learn the fundamentals of Internet marketing from the ground up. Excellent for new marketers. Affiliates: http://www.internetmarketingbackstagepass.com/affi liates

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Social Network Marketing 2.0 - 75% commission

Pays out 75% commission . Just been updated to version 2.0 with the latest techniques on Viral Marketing, Using Fan pages & list building on Facebook.

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Affiliate Ticker Generator - Affiliate Marketing Tool

Affiliate Ticker Generator is a must have software application for Affiliate Marketers. Using this tool, you can create Instant Attention Grabbing Affiliate Tickers - Horizontal Scrolling Affiliate Links just like a Stock Market Ticker. Watch demo video!

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Jun 26, 2011

Wordpress Affiliate Marketers Dream Tool

Wks turns Wordpress in to a complete Affiliate Marketers dream. Allows for individual Page Themes and works with any active theme. All pages created in Wordpress are like mini websites. Easy to use, effective and with full support. Earn 60% per sale

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Happy new year from 5 star affiliate programs

Friday, December 31, 2010 at 8: 50 am by Linda Buquet

2010 zipped and 2011 is already here. It's really true that the older you fly the faster. So I hope you make every minute count reach this year and that you new levels of success and prosperity in the year 2011.

For all five star merchant and Affiliate Manager

Happy new year!

Thank you for your partnership and support in the last year.
We wish you all a profitable and successful 2011.

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Jun 25, 2011

Infinite Brain Power System

Infinite Brain Power System

Todd Lee is the author of the program Infinite Brain Power System which is set to release on June 8, 2011. Through this system, Todd shares his experiences as to what difficulties he faced in life and how he overcomes them using all the strategies.

He is an author, an expert in the industry, a tutor, a coach, and what not. Over years, he has managed to find the best techniques that help an individual shape his mind set and grow fonder.

Infinite Brain Power System is a system that comprises of some audio sessions and a book. Through this program author wants people to know the hidden secrets of improving once focus and concentration. The program is divided into two parts. First part has 4 sessions and the second part has as many as 8 sessions. It has all the techniques and methods that will guide an individual in using two sides of the brain, effectively.

Launch Date: June 8, 2011.

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Guidelines for the Commencing A ClickBank Business

ClickBank is one of the finest affiliate networks for the newcomers in affiliate marketing industry order to make money through affiliate marketing.  The joining is free of cost, and has good popularity in paying on time, there’s a money back guarantee on its goods. There’s no requirement of merchant’s consent for the promotion of their products. As a newcomer, majority of the people face the problem in cost per action program but with the usage of ClickBank this problem is completely eradicated. By ClickBank usage any program can be promoted at any point of time. Here are some of the Guidelines for commencing a ClickBank Business

Guideline 1

A thorough study should be done before choosing the products. The gravity of the product is the main factor that is used to evaluate how famous it is in dealing with its Internet marketers. If the evaluation of the product’s gravity exceeds 150 then it can be said that the product is highly competitive. In the same way if any product’s evaluation is less than 10 then it’s not very competitive.

Guideline 2

An in depth keyword research of your product has to be done before getting into ClickBank. The Keywords are main words that entered by people in order to search for a product. Google, Yahoo are some of the major search engines who provide you similar, matching words for the keyword entered.

Guideline 3

An own website should be created for your ClickBank Business. Even though there are lot of methods in which your product can be promoted, but preferably website gives you more desired results. It’s not compulsory that it should be a website; it can be blog too in the main domain name. Creation of a web press blog and keeping it updated is highly recommended.

Guideline 4

There are innumerous people who want to make money becoming Clickbank affiliates. They apply all the best tactics in order to make money but when they do not taste success then patience and dedication are best words that can be applied.  Achievable goals should be set in order to gain success.  These goals can be achieved through dividends. Dividends are created through ClickBank and these dividends can fetch you lot of money for a longer period of time.

So, by following all these guidelines completely you can easily start ClickBank business and get into a successful business. People have gained immense success through these guidelines.

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The Success Trace

The Success Trace

It wasn’t easy for Patric Chan to achieve the success he’d dreamt of, but after he mastered some core principles and learnt lots of tricks about success online, he started gaining trust from people who learn the first steps to run their home business, following Patric’s methods.

Patric starts his business journey with an official blog which shows the secrets in Internet marketing, making money online and Internet wealth. Now, he is well-known with his fabulous piece of work “Success Trace”, the course that reveals the secrets to achieve success quicker.

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Jun 24, 2011

The complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing Success

You will learn everything you ever needed to know about selling products from CB and other affiliate networks in absolute detail complete with screenshots and links to tools. http://affiliate-marketing-success-info.com/affili ates.html

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Jun 23, 2011

Social Dynamix

Social Dynamix

Anthony St. Augustine is the man behind Social Dynamix, the video series which affect most people’s lives. Anthony’s experience comes from his pain and heartache of social anxiety for years.

He is interested in offering what really affects the quality of life, showing the importance of having a great mindset which enables you to solve any problem. Anthony is a good mentor who teaches people the right strategies to build their confidence and social motivation over time.

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How to Create Your Own Reality

How to Create Your Own Reality

Mark Ivar Myhre is the author of the program How to Create Your Own Reality. It took him many years to find the techniques that taught him how to forgive oneself, get rid of the fears, anxiety, depression and finally to create an individual’s persona.

He is considered as an expert in emotional and healing techniques. Over the years he has helped many people who lost the reasons to live.

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Jun 22, 2011

Silva Life System

Silva Life System

Jose Silva was a parapsychologist and the author of famous Silva System which aims to help people increase their IQ, develop their psychic skills, and maximize their abilities to use the power of their minds.

Besides his method, Jose created the Silva UltraMind ESP System and wrote a book called “You the Healer” which explains how to use the Silva Mind Control Method to gain the skill of hearing yourself and others, using forces which are not known to science.

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Happy holidays from 5 star affiliate programs

Saturday, December 25th, 2010 at 9: 20 am by Linda BuquetHappy vacation from the 5 star affiliate programs

For all 5 star merchant & Affiliate Manager, Merry Christmas!

We all want to be in the 5-star-you know how much we
appreciate your partnership and loyalty over the past year.

We hope this holiday season was the best ever and
continue to your sales and sales to grow in the new year.

We look forward to a more Alliance in the coming year
and wish you more success and prosperity in the year 2011.

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Jun 21, 2011

21 Century Network Marketers

21 Century Marketing leaders are a team of internet coaches who are committed to help others find there success on internet - Networking Marketing by leveraging the internet and quality training.

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