Jun 30, 2011

Logan Wenger

120 869933 xcnbz Logan Wenger Logan Wenger, the founder of Claw Consulting, is an Internet marketing guru. He is basically into providing copywriting solutions to several web affiliates. The American born entrepreneur lives in Shanghai, China for the past several years and works completely from his home. From what we know/hear, Logan is a great planner and doesn’t take much time in implementing his plans to get results quickly.

He runs a coaching program named 23 lessons eCourse dedicated to teach the ins and outs of web copywriting. Anybody interested in copywriting can sign-up for this free course and make use of it.

Logan Wenger’s Focal Point

Logan Wenger has always been interested in business consulting and that is one reason why he founded Claw Consulting. Though, his focal point is not known, it can be said that Logan always helped fellow Internet marketers in their businesses. In fact, he has even provided web copywriting solutions to some corporate companies too. He built a couple of coaching programs including IM Business Guide Marketers Doctrine, dedicated to assist newbies build their online businesses.

Logan Wenger’s Product Portfolio

IM Business Guide Marketers Doctrine is a program that Rick developed keeping in mind about various webmasters who struggle to earn from their web based businesses. Logan calls it a no-nonsense guide to tapping into thousands and millions of web world. Apparently, the course allows you to start from the basics and then get into the most advanced strategies. The simple niche marketing course is divided into 5 modules and comes with a handful of helpful bonus packages.

Logan Wenger Negative

Logan Wenger, an Internet guru by profession, has had quite a lot of success in the recent past. He worked really hard to build his million dollar business and these days, busy creating coaching programs and teaching same to the others. And, after doing some research about him, we could not find any negative reviews or comments about him. So, with this, we can say that Logan is a trust-worthy individual.

Logan Wenger Scam?

Logan Wenger is an industry pioneer, who has been in the game for quite a long now. His knowledge and experience is something that a lot of people aspire to have. And, in spite of being in the online business for that long, Logan has never been termed as being a scam. We are quite certain about him not being a scam because we did our own little research and analysis about him. He isn’t a scam for sure!

Verdict: Guru Profile Rating – 4/5

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