Jul 27, 2011

Amazon threatens CA partner due to outstanding California nexus tax bills to end

Unfortunately it seems huge California next in the series for anti-affiliate nexus tax legislation could be. It is a very sad day for thousands of California-based subsidiaries, if these bills pass. And it sounds as those invoices are expected to pass, and the law comes into force within the next 2 days.

UPDATE: 6 / 29 10 PM bad news! California passes nexus affiliate tax
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I wish, California would recognize they are not helping the economy of the State, but it hurt! They think, they will make, tax profits is by the economic losses due to small and large affiliate business income lose (therefore less income tax paying), having to release staff (put more burden on the State resources) be offset and/or movement of California, so that they can continue their business in more supporting countries.

The PMA made this foreshadowing announcement yesterday:

Warning: CA to nexus tax - effective immediately implement

Brown Governor of California has announced it has secured enough votes to pass bills including the affiliate nexus tax and 2 related nexus its budget: AB 153, AB 155 and SB-234. The law is in force immediately after signing, and he must before 1 July 2011 sign.

We do everything, what we, the blocking of ahead we can, but believe that passage is imminent. If you a California-based Publisher or took over after an Alabama advertiser are, please immediately seek advice from a tax or legal profession.

Andrew Shotland AKA @ Localseoguide just a picture of the Amazon California associate program termination to note.

TheNextWeb reports:

Amazon is stopped due to the new tax law partner program in California.

Although the Bill is not passed yet, Amazon preemptively pulls the program in California. It apparently believes that you will pass into account and you will enter new tax legislation into force. Amazon says that the Bill is ' supported by big box retailers, of which the affiliate advertising programs most outside California, trying to damage their competitors are based.

Geno has some good advice for traders as always here: bad news from California: nexus tax law at the threshold of the portfolio

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